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Products That You Use But Were Actually “Inventions Created By Mistake”

inventions created by mistake
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  • There are several amazing inventions created by mistake
  • Some products that are used in daily life but which were created by mistake
  • Products like a matchstick, safety glass, and even X-ray were created by accident.

People use a lot of products in their daily life. But, did you know that not all of them were intended to be made? They were made by accident. So many great inventions are just the result of small accidents. Today those inventions created by mistake are used by almost everyone in their daily life. Let’s talk about some of those accidents that led to these useful products.

List Of The Inventions Created By Mistake

1. Potato Chips

This is a story of a restaurant in New York in 1853. A customer in the restaurant complained that the fried potatoes are too soggy and thick. Again and again, the customer kept sending them back, and finally, chef George Crum got fed up. The chef then cut the potatoes into slices, fried them, and covered them in salt. This worked for the customer and also gave the world its favorite snack – Potato Chips.

potato chips invention

2. Post-It Notes

A researcher named Spencer Silver was working on making a strong adhesive. While working, he created an adhesive that was even weaker than the ones that already existed. But the only good thing about it was that it could be removed easily without leaving a mark. Everyone thought that there would be no use for this invention. But one day, another scientist named Art Fry realized that a tiny piece of paper with such adhesive can be used as a great bookmark for his church songs. This led to the invention of Post-it notes that are used by a lot of people today.

invention of post it notes

3. Cornflakes

The Kellogg brothers John and Will created Cornflakes. They accidentally left a pot of boiling grain on the stove for multiple days. The mixture became moldy and the product was thick as well as dry. After doing some experimentation, the two brothers turned the mixture into corn flakes by eliminating the part that was moldy. 

cornflakes invention

4. Matchsticks

In 1826, a British chemist named John Walker mistakenly scraped a stick coated in chemicals on his hearth. He found that it caught fire, and the idea of making matchsticks came into his mind. Today, matchsticks are used for a variety of purposes by several people.

Matches History

5. Safety Glass

A chemist named Edward Benedictus was working in his lab in 1903. He accidentally knocked a flask over and noticed that the flask just cracked instead of breaking into several smaller pieces. After analyzing it further, he realized that the layer of cellulose nitrate was the reason. Thus, safety glass was created.

safety glass invention

6. X-Ray

A physics professor named Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was working on a cathode ray tube in 1985. During his work, he shielded the tube with the help of thick paper. He noticed that the material near the tube generated fluorescent light. He found that a new kind of ray is emerging from the tube. After investigating a bit more, he realized that the rays can pass through other substances as well along with creating a shadow of solid objects. This resulted in the invention of X-rays that play a crucial role in the medical world today.

history of X-ray

7. Fireworks

Fireworks were invented by a Chinese cook. He was just experimenting in the kitchen. In the process, he suddenly mixed sulfur, salt-peter, and charcoal. Then he compressed it in a bamboo tube that made it explode, thus resulting in the invention of fireworks. 

firework invention

8. Microwave Oven

In 1945, a person named Percy Spencer was working with a microwave that was emitting magnetrons. There he felt a sizzling sensation and realized that the chocolate in his pocket had started melting. With this knowledge, he invented the microwave oven.

microwave inventions

9. Non-Stick Pans

These were invented by chemist Roy Plunkett. Before CFCs (ChloroFluoroCarbons) were considered a danger to the environment, Roy Plunkett was trying to create a new kind of chlorofluorocarbon. But during the experiment, he created a lubricant with a high melting point. This is something that is applied to all non-stick pans. These non-stick pans are also known as Teflon.

non stick pan inventions

10. LSD

A scientist named Dr. Albert Hofmann was synthesizing LSD-25, and during this time some crystals of the same substance touched his fingertips and even got absorbed by the skin. This is how he accidentally discovered the psychoactive properties of this acid.  

lsd invention

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What Do You Think About The Inventions Created By Mistake? 

It’s hard to imagine that mistakes can create useful things, but a lot of products used in daily life were created accidentally, and are now some of the most necessary things for everyday activities. Apart from these things, there are several other things like inkjet printers, the slinky, etc., which are inventions created by mistake. All of these products have become a requirement for daily life.

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