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Chinnamasta Jayanti Date, Story And Significance – Why Chinnamasta Jayanti Is Celebrated?

Chinnamasta Jayanti
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Mata Chinnamasta, also popularly known as Mata Chinnamastika and Mata Chintanpurni, is a manifestation of Mata Kali, who cut her own head to satiate the hunger of her children. The Chinnamasta Mata is considered the sixth of the ten Mahavidyas or the most worshiped goddesses! But, what is the Chinnamasta Jayanti story, and why Chinnamasta Jayanti is celebrated? How to worship Chinnamasta Devi? This article will walk you through the legends behind the Chinnamasta Jayanti story and will also uncover the Chinnamasta Jayanti date and significance. 

Chinnamasta Devi Jayanti

Chinnamasta Jayanti Date 

Before walking through the pages of mythology, let us uncover the Chinnamasta Jayanti date. Chinnamasta Jayanti will be observed on the 14th of May every year.  Chinnamasta Jayanti is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi tithi in the month of Baisakh according to the Hindu calendar. On this day, devotees offer their prayers and respects to Maa Chinnamasta to gain prosperity and spiritual awareness. 

Chinnamasta Jayanti Story – Why Chinnamasta Jayanti Is Celebrated? 

According to the words of Markandeya Purana and Shiva Purana, Maa Prachand Chandika reincarnated herself as Chandi to become the destroyer of evil. 

According to mythological legends, once Devi Bhawani, an avatar of Mata Parvati, went to the Mandakini river for a spiritual bathing ritual. She was accompanied by her two attendants, Jaya and Vijaya. While she enjoyed her bathing ritual, she lost hold of time and her attendants, whom she treated like her own children, were hungry.

When Mata was informed about their increasing hunger, she went to search for food only to return empty-handed. Followed by this incident, the duo stated that it is the duty of the mother to feed her children. Thus, in order to feed them, she didn’t hesitate to cut her own head. Three jet streams of blood started flowing from her neck which satiated the hunger of the attendants. While the third stream contented with her own hunger! From then on, Mata Bhawani came to be called Mata Chinnamasta

Chinnamasta Jayanti Significance

Mata Chinnamasta is adorned in red colour, as if she is embellished with the supernatural power of a thousand suns! In one hand, she holds her weapon and in the other, she has taken the grip of her slaughtered head. 

On this day, devotees offer prayers and Naivedya Prasad to Mata Chinnamasta to seek her blessing. It is believed that Chinnamasta Devi blesses mankind with prosperity and success and helps in the awakening of the soul! Read the below section to know how to worship Chinnamasta Devi.

How To Worship Chinnamasta Devi? 

Keeping in mind the ferocious nature of Chinnamasta Devi puja vidhi, Chinnamasta Mata is generally worshiped by tantriks and sadhus to attain supernatural power. It is also believed that Maa blesses her children with success and wealth. Anybody facing blockages in their life journey should worship Mata Chinnamasta on the Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi tithi of Baisakh month. 

On the Chinnamasta Jayanti, devotees of Maa Chinnamasta take a holy bath ritual in the early morning, post which they adorn themselves with clean fresh clothes. Besides worshiping Mata with utmost devotion and respect, one must follow upvas or fast on this day. 

After placing goddess Chinnamasta and Lord Shiva together, devotees begin the puja ritual by lighting incense sticks and offering Naivedya Prasad to Mata. Shiv Puja is performed as well. After the puja is over, Prasad is distributed among all. Kanya Pujan is also observed on this day. Durga Saptashati  Puja is also organized, besides a puja for mankind. It is believed that worshiping Mata Chinnamasta helps to awaken the Kundalini. 


On the auspicious eve of Chinnamasta Jayanti, devotees also pay visits to Chinnamasta Temple to worship Mata Chinnamasta. It is believed that Mata Chinnamasta neutralizes all the pain and suffering of her children and punishes evil. 

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