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Who Is Goddess Annapurna And How To Worship Annapurna Devi At Home

Who is Goddess Annapurna
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The food we eat on a daily basis not only satisfies our taste sensations but also provides nourishment, which leads to development and growth. In Hinduism, the food we eat on a daily basis is linked to a deity named Annapurna. Let us know who is Goddess Annapurna! This article will also discuss the story of Goddess Annapurna and how to worship Annapurna Devi at home.

Who Is Goddess Annapurna?

In Hindu Dharma, Annapurna Devi is revered as the divinity of food and nourishment. She is the divinity who feeds all living things on the planet. The name “Annapurna” means “giver of sufficient food,” with “Anna” meaning “food or grain” and “Poorna” meaning “complete, perfect, or whole.” We can eat and thrive in this world thanks to Annapurna Devi’s blessings. She not only nourishes the physical body but also the spirit in terms of enlightenment, as well as providing energy for the attainment of wisdom and knowledge. 

Goddess Annapurna is one of the various manifestations of Shakti and is thought to be an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva’s wife. Now you know who is Goddess Annapurna, let’s know what is the story of Goddess Annapurna.

Story Of Goddess Annapurna

While playing the game of dice which he unfairly won, Goddess Parvati was warned by her spouse Shiva that the earth is an illusion and also that food is a component of this illusion called Maya. The Divine goddess, who is revered as the embodiment of all materialistic possessions, including food, grew enraged. She vanished from the earth to emphasize the significance of her embodiment of all that is material.

The time came to a halt when she vanished, and the world became barren. There was no food to be available everywhere, and all of the creatures were starving. But, as a mother, she couldn’t stand the pain any longer, so mother Parvati was moved by compassion and returned to Kasi, where she set up a kitchen.

‘Now I see that the material universe, like the spirit, cannot be disregarded as an illusion,’ Shiva said as he ran up to her and handed his bowl in alms. With a smile, Parvati fed Shiva with her own hands. This incident shows who is Goddess Annapurna and how powerful she is! There are a few things to keep in mind while you worship Annapurna. Read below to know how to worship Annapurna Devi at home.

How To Worship Annapurna Devi At Home?

The puja is performed at the houses of worshippers. Here are a few rituals you can practice.

  • Build a tiny mandap and place Goddess Annapurna’s idol within.
  • On Annapurna Jayanti, devotees worship the Goddess with ‘Shodashopachara’ and present her with a beautiful saree and accessories.
  • Worshippers perform an ‘Annabhishekam.’
  • To receive Annapurna Devi’s blessings, women are known to follow a severe fast.
  • The fast can only be ended at night once the Puja and worship of Goddess Annapurna have been performed.
  • Chanting the ‘Annapurna Devi Ashtakam’ is considered auspicious and beneficial, especially on Annapurna Jayanti.

Why Worship Goddess Annapurna 

You will be blessed with health, riches, and prosperity as a result of her blessings. The deity not only provides for the financial wants of followers, but also for their spiritual needs. Married ladies can pray for their husbands’ long lives and desire for a good marriage.

She dispels fear and provides safety and security. Mother Annapurna provides us with the achievement of renunciation and wisdom when we pray to her. The awareness that true spirituality is all about giving is provided by this deity’s wisdom. She teaches us that renunciation allows us to remain calm in any situation that life throws our way.


This blog was all about who is Goddess Annapurna and her story. If you pray to Annapurna Devi with devotion, she will ensure that you never go hungry. There will never be a shortage of food or other necessities in your home. She represents a being who is above Maya (illusion) and is thought to be the universe’s highest goddess.

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