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Best Places To Visit in India During Navratri

places to visit in india during navratri
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India is known as the “country of festivals.” The country experiences various lovely rituals, traditions, and customs throughout the year that assist to bring the country together. Witness the magnificent celebrations of Dussehra and Navratri if you visit the nation in October. In India, the Goddess Durga is adored in nine distinct incarnations during Navratri, a nine-day holiday. Dussehra, which signifies the triumph of good over evil, marks the end of the celebration. Here are the best places to visit in India during Navratri.

Places To Visit in India During Navratri

1. Gujarat

garba on navratri gujarat

During Navratri in Gujarat, take part in the Indian culture’s celebrations and rituals. The Goddess Durga is honored during Navratri. It is one of the most popular places to visit in India during Navratri. People will be dancing to Garba music while holding a light.

2. Himachal Pradesh

navratri in kullu

The festival’s core is Kullu Valley’s Dhalpur Maidaan, where Lord Raghunath is worshipped. A procession brings the idols of the indigenous Gods and Goddesses to the earth. The festival concludes with the burning of a plank of wood and grass along the banks of the Beas River. The rite represents the destruction of Lanka as depicted in the sacred Ramayana, symbolizing good triumphing over evil.

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3. Chhattisgarh

Indian Government Launch First Tribal Tourism Circuit Project in  Chhattisgarh - India Tourism Guide & Travel NewsIndia Tourism Guide &  Travel News

Bastar’s tribal territory celebrates Dussehra in a way that no other state does. During Navratri, Bastar celebrates the holiday season by worshipping Devi Maoli, a native Goddess, and her sisters throughout the course of 75 days.

4. Maharashtra

Mumbai during navratri

The nights in Mumbai are musical, with people dressed in colorful outfits flanking the grounds and music filling the streets. On Vijaydashmi, statues of Ravana, the ten-headed monster, are burned, representing the end of evil and the start of good.

5. Jammu

Jammu during navratri

Vaishno Devi’s shrine at Katra, Jammu, is one of the country’s oldest and most frequented shrines. Visit Katra in the Navratri season if you’re seeking a spiritual encounter. Thousands of devotees go from all across the country to give their prayers. For the nine days of Navaratri, dazzling lights adorn the city. Listen to the Jai Mata Di chanting flood the air. This is definitely a must-visit place during Navratri. 

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6. Karnataka

In Karnataka, the Dussehra festival lasts for ten days. The triumph of righteousness over evil is commemorated with a regal and splendid celebration. For nearly 400 years, the celebration has been held, with lights illuminating the whole city. 

During the Dussehra celebration, the famed Mysore Palace is illuminated with over 1,00,000 lights, providing a magnificent visual delight that no other city can match. The parade of elegantly dressed elephants through Mysore’s decorated streets, which exhibits the city’s royalty and cultural traditions, is not to be missed. On Dussehra day, the parade is performed to commemorate Goddess Durga’s victory over the monster Mahishasura.


From North to South, East to West, the holiday is celebrated with smiling smiles, hymns, chants, devoted souls, and sweets all throughout the country, offering you an opportunity to see the true India. These were some must visit places during Navratri.

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