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Identify Gold Purity At Home In 5 Easy Ways

Identify Gold Purity At Home In 5 Easy Ways
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Gold is considered an elite gift when it comes to weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. But with the gold price constantly fluctuating, it is important to know if the gold you are buying is completely pure or not. In India, gold has always been in demand, and due to this reason, the jewelers have tricked their customers through counterfeiting time and again.

So, what sets apart pure gold from fake ones? According to international standards, any ornament with less than 41.7% or 10 karat gold is considered fake. It is really difficult to distinguish pure gold from fake just by looking at it, and this makes it easy for the gold vendors to sell counterfeit products to the customers.

So, you must know how to test and identify gold purity. This will not just save your time, but money too. Here are 5 ways to identify gold purity at home:

Magnet Test To Identify Gold Purity

Magnet Test To Identify Gold Purity

Gold is not attracted to magnets, but other metals are. You can test gold purity with the help of a strong magnet, by putting it near the item made of gold and seeing if it is being attracted towards the magnet or not. When the magnet is near impure or fake gold and other alloys, it will attract them. The easy availability of a magnet makes this test very convenient. Gold also does not rust, so if you see any signs of rusting, then know that the gold is not pure.

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Hallmark to identify purity of gold

The authentication of gold can also be determined by Hallmark certification. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) was founded in India to certify gold jewelry and gold coins. BIS was established to assess the purity of gold and ensures and confirms that it is of international and national standards. This label can easily be spotted because it is carved in gold. This certifies that the gold is of a high standard. 

Floating Test

Floating test to check purity of gold

Gold is a very thick and hard metal. So, testing its heaviness and density is one of the best ways to determine the authenticity of the gold. Drop the gold item into a bucket of water and see if it floats or sinks. It will sink if it is pure gold. It is best to buy gold from trusted sellers to avoid buying fake gold. Avoid buying gold from small shops.

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Test With Acid

acid test to identify gold

Pure gold will not react to nitric acid, but other alloys will. Be careful while carrying out this test. Wear a mask and gloves and be sure to carry this out in a well-ventilated room. Scratch the surface of the gold ornament and add a few drops of nitric acid to it with the help of a dropper. The reaction will let you know if your gold is pure or fake.

Test With Vinegar

vinegar test to identify gold

The most popular way to identify gold purity is by using vinegar, which is easily available in every kitchen. The gold is not real if the vinegar drops change the color of the metal. The vinegar drop will not change the color of the gold if it is pure.

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