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How True Are These Australian Stereotypes: Fact Or Fiction

australian stereotypes
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On March 20 2015 Australian politician Malcolm Fraser, who served as the country’s prime minister from 1975 to 1983, died at age 84. Malcolm Fraser, the then Prime Minister of Australia was both a supporter of left-wing and right-wing! He believed in the social ideologies of the left-wing, while he was a firm believer in economic policies on economic matters! This article will take you to the country of Malcolm Fraser, Australia, and will dive deep into the Australian stereotypes: fact or fiction! 

australian stereotypes -

All About Australian Stereotypes: Fact Or Fiction? 

There are various examples of stereotypes that are prevailing in and around the country of the Great Barrier Reef! There are plenty of stereotypes prevailing around the Australian continent. 

Additionally, movies like Crocodile have added to the misconceptions around Australia! While some of them are partially true while others are way far from being true. This article will debunk some of the widely accepted stereotypes about Australia! 

1. The Land Of Kangaroos

kangaroo stereotype australia

Australia, popularly known as the Land of Kangaroos is a white lie! While kangaroos are widely available in this country, one cannot expect to encounter kangaroos around the cities and the coastal areas! 

2. The Land Of Deserts

Gondwana Rainforests of Australia
Gondwana Rainforest of Australia

While the fact holds true that Australia is home to deserts, there are other geographical attractions about Australia as well! One can always get lost in the woods of the rainforests in Australia or can go for some recreational activities such as skiing! 

3. Warm And Sunny 

cold places in Australia

If you are wondering that Australia is always hot and sunny and are excited about clicking sun-kissed photos, then you might be left with utter disappointment once you reach the place! It is a half-true that Australia is a sunny place because sometimes the temperature might drop down to -23°C. 

4. Blonde Haired Surfers 

Australia surfing myth

While it is a pleasure to believe that all Australians master the art of surfing, it is far from being true. This misconception has made its name into the list of Australian stereotypes: fact or fiction. The majority of the people think that all Australians are surfers, but, according to reports, only 10℅ of the population prefer surfing activities! 

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5. The Fittest People

Australians Are Getting Fatter - The New York Times

Australia, over the years, has become the most obese nation, with the majority of its citizens suffering from obesity disorder! Thus, it is a delusion to think of Australia as the fittest Nation! 

6. Vegemite For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

Vegemite in Australia

While Vegemite is overrated in the Australian continent, they don’t depend entirely on vegemite for their meals! On the contrary, avocados form a large part of the diet of Australians! 

7. Shrimps Or Prawns?

Tiger prawns with chermoula butter


The famous line, “ slip another shrimp on the Barbie for ya” has added to the list of stereotypes around Australia!  It is a pain to declare that the Australians don’t use the word shrimp, rather they prefer the word “ Prawn “! 


The list of Australian stereotypes: fact or fiction does not end here! There are a plethora of other stereotypes such as the entire country is racist or that they are not well educated! It is up to the readers to “ take everything with a pinch of salt“. Read and research the internet carefully before believing in any stereotypes!

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