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Weird Facts About Nevada, Las Vegas That You Didn’t Know Before

facts about nevada
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 Nevada, the land of a semi-arid region, is popular for its materialistic possessions and weird laws. Did you know: “On March 19, 1931, Nevada legalized gambling, which paved the way for casinos in the state, most notably in Las Vegas!” Read here to know more bizarre facts about Nevada, the city of casinos, and luxurious resorts and hotels! 

Weird And Strange Facts About Nevada

Though Nevada is famous for Las Vegas, the city of resorts, entertainment, its joyous nightlife, and of course, gambling, there is a wide array of attractions for tourists in Nevada! Ranging from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the arid deserts, there are plenty of things in Nevada apart from its casinos to immerse itself into! 

This section will take you to the city of nightlife and Royal casinos and will introduce you to some of the wild and odd facts about Nevada! 

1. The Luxurious Hotel Rooms 

facts about Nevada

Did you know before that Nevada has the largest number of hotel rooms in America? According to news reports, Nevada is not only famous for its expensive resorts, but also for its large number of hotel stays. 

2. A Great Example Of Natural Selection

We Seek Wild Horses In Their Natural Habitat In Nevada Mountains | Bored  Panda

Nevada is home to about half of the population of wild horses in the country. It is noteworthy that we can find a true example of adaptation and natural selection in Nevada. For years, the modern American horses have adapted themselves to these arid regions, with natural selection selecting the modern horse species over other species that have become endemics to Nevada. 

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3. The Strangest Law

moustache man can't kiss in Nevada


Among the wildest facts about Nevada, one is the barring of men with mustaches to kiss women! Men with mustaches are held punishable to kiss women in Nevada! 

4. The Arid Lands 

Ring Of Fire Red Rocks Las Vegas

Though Nevada has a scanty water supply, owing to its location amongst the Arid deserts, Nevada is the highest consumer of seafood such as shrimps than the rest of the area! Pretty strange right? 

5. The Kangaroo Rat 

Kangaroo rats in nevada

While adapting to the arid environments of Nevada, the Kangaroo rat has evolved itself in such a way that it can go days without drinking water! This tiny inhabitant of the Death Valley feeds on seeds and takes up water for metabolism through their seed consumption! What can be a better example of “survival of the fittest?”  Nature has created miracles in Nevada with some of its strangest creations! 

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6. Scanty Rainfall

Remember the last point where we discussed the adaptation of the kangaroo rat in the dry areas of Nevada? Well, it is because of the fact that Nevada receives much less than 10 inches of rain per year.

7. Egypt Vs Nevada? 

World's Oldest Natural Mummy Was of Native American Ancestry

What flashes your mind when you think about mummies? Of course Egypt and the mummies of Pharaoh rulers right? But, did you know that the oldest mummy was discovered in Nevada itself, which was more than 10,000 years old! 

8. The History Of Denim Jeans 

History of Levi's Jeans and Denim

Starting from brunch dates to hangouts, denim jeans have gained popularity over the years! But, the manufacturer of blue jeans belongs to Nevada! The founder, Jacob Davis later collaborated with Levi Strauss. 

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9. The Right To Vote 

Nevada was the first state in America to implement the Fifteenth Amendment, which gave all its citizens the right to vote, irrespective of their caste, creed, race, and religion! 

10. The Area 51 Myth 

Area 51 in nevada

The famous Area 51 has a legend that says UFOs are associated with that place! There is a highway as well which is known as the extra-terrestrial highway.

11. Street Performance, What’s That? 

street performance in Las Vegas

Nevada has banned street shows on Fremont Street because the performers create hindrances in the traffic on the road. 

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12. No Camels 

Another law that is prevalent in the city of luxury is that citizens are barred from riding camels on the highway as camels also create blockages in the road, which makes it difficult for cars to move.

13. The History Of Masks 

Mayor of Nevada City in Northern California lashes out at face coverings  rule - Los Angeles Times

The New Normal is currently trending which promotes the usage of face masks to protect oneself from Covid-19! But, in Nevada, people are punishable for not wearing masks on Elko street! This was a protective behavior against the influenza virus.  


We hope that you have enjoyed your virtual trip to the city of joy and luxury and enriched yourself with some of the weird facts about Nevada. If you really want to explore more about the weirdest state in America just pack your bags and head out for more thrill and fun! 

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