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India: The Modi Question – Controversies On Banning BBC Documentary On PM Modi 

BBC Documentary On PM Modi
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The government of India, ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party, has banned a documentary which is almost against their own perspective. Yes, it is the case when BBC released the documentary on Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of the nation. The BBC Documentary On PM Modi named “India: The Modi Question” has been released by BBC in two parts to remind the natives that the Prime Minister of India had a sinister role to play in the Gujarat riots of 2002. 

This riot ended with the deaths of more than 1,000 Muslims on record and had committed several atrocities against this minority class!

BBC Documentary On PM Modi

The documentary has shown that Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002 had a role to play in the Gujarat riots. According to the BBC Documentary On PM Modi, some documents which are found in a secret cabinet of the UK government directly blamed the PM for playing a role in these riots. 

It had been accused that when the riots broke out after the burning of an express train in Gujarat, Narendra Modi had done nothing in order to prevent the outbreak! In fact, his actions and speeches had incinerated the crowd in such a manner that a greater number of casualties were caused!

Exoneration Of Narendra Modi 

The case had been taken up in front of the Indian Supreme Court in 2012 where the court exonerated Narendra Modi. The question of mass genocide was never really taken out of the picture but with time, the other measures of divisive politics began to take the place of this immediate outfall. 

The later effects were suffered by the future generations. Even today, the nation is known all over the world for the extent of discrimination which is exhibited against minority groups. The 2002 riots had seen the rapes of several hundred Muslim women and the killing of Muslim children alike. It is chilling to think that even if an iota of this documentary is true, the nation has the organiser of genocide at its top!

Modes Of Protests In India 

The movie has been banned in India. However, activists and students are trying their best to display their protest by watching the documentary through various sources. Links are yet openly available on YouTube and Twitter although these are also removed in quick action. We have to wait and see what the government of India has to act against this BBC Documentary On PM Modi which it has claimed to be a measure of propaganda only!

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