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On what Grounds did state Govt. Imposed Weekend Curfew In Karnataka?

weekend curfew karnataka
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  • Severe Rise in cases observed in Karnataka over the past few days. 
  • Measures taken by the government to reduce the rate of infection include weekend curfew in Karnataka. 
  • The vaccination drive has been increased to reduce infection. 

There has been a rise in the cases in Karnataka which has come up to an alarming rate. The total rise in cases has been a matter of concern for most of the people in the state and it is expected that the government will take every kind of measure in order to prevent the spread of the infection. Weekend curfew in Karnataka has been imposed to ensure that the total number of cases is reduced greatly within the state. The southern states are trying to impose some methods that will work out in controlling the rising cases of covid-19. 

Weekend Curfew in Karnataka

The weekend curfew in Karnataka is bound to reduce the infection rate to a specific rate. There are times when the people of Karnataka will be restricted from getting out of their houses after a certain period of time to ensure that social distancing norms are maintained well. 

Kerala had been one of the states in the south of India, which had faced a huge rise in cases in the last pandemic wave. Extreme measures are not taken at the moment to make sure that the stability of the economy is within the controlling measures. 

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Do You Think This Will Help?

Do you think that the weekend curfew in Karnataka will be able to reduce the total rise in cases over a certain period of time? Do you think that the measures which had been taken earlier will help the common population in any way? We are interested to know your views in the comment section given below. Please let us know whether you think that measures like curfew will be helpful or not!

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