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Third Wave Of Covid-19: either keep enjoying a party or choose your life

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  • Third wave of Covid-19 is just around the corner with some severe effects on the Indian population. 
  • The health authorities are trying to take every measure in order to retrieve the condition. 
  • The third wave will kill more people than the ones in the second wave of the Pandemic. 

The third wave of covid-19 has caused a severe concern among the people who had been most exposed to at least someone who had foreign contact. This has caused severe tension among the people of the health authorities as well. The omicron strain has started to spread at a faster rate than the normal strains which were found previously. 

The condition of the country is gradually moving towards the state of the second wave of the pandemic. It is expected that the situation will rapidly deteriorate in the upcoming times for the people of India despite the active vaccination drive. 

Third Wave Of Covid-19 Pandemic With Omicron Variant

The third wave of Covid-19 pandemic might come over the nation because of the strain’s virulent nature. The omicron variant can spread the infection at a rate that is unprecedented for the strains in the past. The 30 mutations that have occurred on the virus’s protein coat have been very detrimental to the needs of the health conditions of the nation. 

The experts have asked the people to maintain the maximum amount of security in their ventures and observe the norms of social distancing. If the common people are observant of the required rules, the pandemic might not spread further. 

What Might Be Done?

The conditions which have been observed in South Africa are being seen in India as well. This indicates that the common people of the country are going to suffer again from severe health and economic crisis. 

What is your opinion on this matter? Do you think that you will be able to survive the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic with the right kind of mental and physical health? What could the government have done in order to prevent this condition? We are interested in your views in the comment section. 

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