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Meaning, Significance And How To Celebrate Choti Diwali 

How To Celebrate Choti Diwali
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Choti Diwali is celebrated on the day previous to Diwali. It is one of the most celebrated festivals of Hindus. This day is also known by the names such as Narak Chaturdashi and Roop Chaturdashi. But, what is Choti Diwali? What is the significance of Choti Diwali? Read to know all such answers along with how to celebrate Choti Diwali. Also, here are some of the best Choti Diwali Poster Ideas for you.

What Is Choti Diwali?

The second day of the five-day Diwali celebration is referred to as Choti Diwali or “Narak Chaturdashi.” Narak Chaturdashi is the name given to Choti Diwali because of several beliefs. As they wait for the significant day, folks celebrate the day by lighting up their homes. 

How To Celebrate Choti Diwali

Bali Pratipada is another name for Choti Diwali’s celebration day. The term “Pratiprada ” refers to a person who is under a challenger’s foot. Now, that you have a brief idea about what is Choti Diwali, let us know some more about the significance of Choti Diwali.

Significance Of Choti Diwali

This festival’s major goal is to bring light into the home and enlighten every crevice. According to legend, Lord Shri Ram Chandra ended his fourteen-year exile in Ayodhya on the day of Deepawali, after celebrating a modest Diwali the day before in celebration of the arrival of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Lakshmana in Ayodhya. 

The day they arrived is also known as Badi Deepawali, and the people of Ayodhya celebrated the festival by burning lamps of delight to welcome Lord Shri Ramchandra, Mata Janaki and Lakshmana. Thus, Choti Diwali is a holiday commemorating the triumph of virtue over evil.

You now understand the true significance of Choti Diwali, which goes well beyond its mere display of grandeur. Therefore, the event is devoted to the eradication of greed and a successful future.

How To Celebrate Choti Diwali?

  • The paste “Ubtan,” which is made in South India from kumkum and oil, represents the demon king Narakasura’s blood. They put this ubtan to their foreheads after cracking a fruit that represents the demon king’s head. Before dawn, they take a bath with oil and sandalwood paste. The residence has been scrubbed and Rangoli-decorated. 
  • The day of Choti Diwali, which is celebrated in Western India, also honours the harvest season. Puffed rice is used to make special treats.
  • In Goa, Narakasura’s effigies are made and set ablaze to symbolize the victory of good over evil. 
  • Known as Kali Chaudas in West Bengal, the day is commemorated there. Maa Kali idols are erected in pandals, and Kali Puja rituals are carried out. 
  • People in Maharashtra enjoy taking customary early-morning showers with Ubtans composed of besan,  Multani Mitti, haldi, chandan, and rose petals. Following the bath and worship, they make puffed rice with curd or vermicelli kheer with milk and sugar.

In general, people are seen worshipping the goddess Lakshmi.  People look forward to this celebration with their family, friends, and loved ones all year long. They make beautiful rangoli designs and utilise colourful lights, candles, and clay diyas to beautify their home. They also hang colourful flower garlands and diyas from clay.

Choti Diwali Poster Ideas

Here are some of the Choti Diwali Poster Ideas to share:

poster of green Diwali


People have an emotional and mythological attachment to this festival because it fosters positivism, peace, happiness, joy, zeal, and a host of other emotions that are difficult to put into words. Everyone makes time from their busy schedules to express their joy to one another. The atmosphere is wonderful. The significance of Choti Diwali is a lot more than words can describe. It is indeed one of the most awaited festivals of the year.

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