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Beware – NASA Announces The Possibility Of Earth Being Struck By A Huge Asteroid

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  • NASA has announced that a massive asteroid is approaching the Earth’s atmosphere on 2nd June.
  • KT1 Asteroid is nearly equal to the size of the Statue of Unity.
  • NASA might be able to mitigate the damages that the asteroid might cause.

NASA has announced that a quite potential and hazardous asteroid, KT1, might pass through a very close distance from our planet earth. The asteroid is about 186 meters in size and will come around 72 lakh kilometers from Earth. This distance might seem very large for the planet to suffer from any major damage as it is greater than that between Earth and Moon. However, the distance is close enough according to the astronomical scale.

Information By Jet Propulsion Laboratories, NASA

The Jet Propulsion Laboratories, funded with the assets of NASA and managed by the California Institute of Technology, has stated some worrying concerns about the asteroid. The labor manages a special dashboard which is also known as Asteroid Watch. It ensures that KT1 is one of the asteroids closest to Earth between May 31st and June 2nd.

It has been seen that a bus-sized asteroid has passed within the distance, which is one-third of Earth and Moon. There were two other asteroids, out of which one was within the range of 11 lakh kilometers. One has been as far as 59 lakh kilometers as well. However, these asteroids were tiny, so the scientists were not much worried about their proximity to Earth. Their masses might not affect Earth by any means.

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Scare Caused By The Asteroid

The KT1 Asteroid is quite massive, and the way it would come so close to the Earth can be considered a potentially hazardous Asteroid. If an asteroid of such a large size collided with Earth, the effects would be quite devastating. The scientists at NASA are keeping a close watch on the movements of this Asteroid so that there is no effect on the Earth’s atmosphere.

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NASA, The Ultimate Savior

Despite all fears, we must remember that NASA has already invented the technology to prevent asteroid strikes on the Earth. They would send a larger mass that can collide with the asteroid to reduce its power. If the asteroid enters the Earth’s gravitational field, there will be no chance of rescue for the inhabitants of the Earth!

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[…] Also Read Beware – NASA Announces The Possibility Of Earth Being Struck By A Huge Asteroid […]

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