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Know How KRK Demands To Kick Salman Khan From Bollywood Industry

Know How KRK Demands To Kick Salman Khan From Bollywood Industry
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  • KRK has announced that he will kick out Salman Khan from the industry and oblige him to become a TV actor 
  • He has held a grudge against Salman Khan ever since the defamation case got filed
  • KRK stated that Salman Khan and his NGO are involved in corruption-based works. 

When you are a star, you have to be ready for all kinds of negative publicity. The same happened with Salman when he faced his self-declared critic, Kamaal R Khan. This man, also known as KRK, has made it his life mission to comment on bitter facts about Salman and derogate every step he takes within the Bollywood industry. Has he been successful in pushing Bhai from his throne? Let’s find out!

Statements By KRK Against Sallu Bhai

KRK has stated that there are more than 20 people in the industry who have offered support to him for being against Salman Khan. KRK has tweeted that Salman is the “Gunda” of Bollywood, and soon he will be brought to work in TV soaps rather than act in movies. KRK has also threatened that he will single-handedly end Salman Khan’s career.

Activities Of KRK

KRK has been known for his notorious tweets against the Bollywood star Salman and his NGO, Being Human. He has often stirred up controversies by stating that Being Human deals with corruption, fraud, and money laundering in different places of work. He has criticized the movie “Radhe” acted by Salman as well. Although Radhe has been skillfully bashed by many critics around the country, KRK has used quite a bit of derogatory language to demean the worth of this film.

KRK has also noted that most people in the industry are scared to speak against Salman. The deluded critic has also extended his gratitude towards the veteran actor Govinda for extending support towards his efforts of dethroning Salman Khan.

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Salman Khan Against KRK

All of these had begun when Salman filed a defamation case against Kamaal R Khan. KRK says that the case has been filed because he had criticized Radhe. But Salman’s team has stated that the person had been spreading malicious falsehoods about the NGO. 

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KRK has also been known to target Mika Singh because the latter has always been a supporter of Salman. It is to be mentioned here that Salman does have his fair share of controversies in the Bollywood industry as well. 

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