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Who Is Major Mohit Sharma – Life Of The Bravest Son Of India

who is major mohit sharma
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Indians should bow their heads in respect to the protectors of our country who are posted within the borders of India and are continuously sacrificing their sleep for the protection of their beloved motherland! The story of Captain Vikram Batra was recently loved by all for his endless sacrifice towards the nation! But, do you know who is Major Mohit Sharma ? 

This article will walk you through the inspiring life story of Major Mohit Sharma who bravely shot dead two Hizbul Terrorists! 

Who Is Major Mohit Sharma? His Early Life 

Major Mohit Sharma, an officer in the Para Special Forces was known for his brave act of killing two Hizbul terrorists under the disguise of  Iftikhar Bhatt! This article will uncover the operations led by Major Mohit Sharma and his selfless sacrifice towards Mother India! But, Who Is Major Mohit Sharma? How did he join the Para Special Forces? How were his early years? 

Major Mohit Sharma, a brave indian soldier born in Ghaziabad

Born in  Rohtak on 13th January 1978, Sharma completed his schooling at DPS Ghaziabad in the year 1995, after which he joined the National Defence Academy, leaving his engineering course in the middle! In 1998, he joined the Indian Military Academy as Battalion Cadet Adjutant. After his service in the Military for three years, he joined the Para Special Forces and completed his training as a Para Commando in 2003, after which he was promoted to Captain. Soon after in 2005, he was promoted to a Major to train the commandos in Belgaum.

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Who Was Iftikhar Bhatt?

Major Mohit Sharma went undercover as Iftikhar Bhatt to get secret information from terrorists by staying among them.

After earning the rank of Captain, Mohit Sharma led a secret operation against the Hizbul terrorists in Shopian, Kashmir where he successfully killed two terrorists under the disguise of  Iftikhar Bhatt! 

According to reports, Mohit Sharma, disguised as  Iftikhar Bhatt of Kashmir, contacted two commanders of Hizbul Mujahideen Abu Torara and Abu Sabzar in 2004. He dressed up as a traditional Kashmiri lad with long hair and a long beard wearing the Kashmiri Pheran and narrated an emotional story of his brother who was killed by the Indian Army in 2001! 

He informed them that he wishes to seek revenge for his brother’s death by the Indian Army and for that mission, he needs their help. To convince them a little more he showed them his homework on the military movements on an unknown hill. 

Following the incident, the two Commanders arranged weapons for  Iftikhar and also assembled other terrorists from nearby areas! But, still, Torara wasn’t fully convinced with  Iftikhar, he felt something is fishy about this Kashmiri lad! So, to gain his full trust, Mohit disguised as  Iftikhar said, “ If you have any doubts about me, kill me. You cannot do this if you do not trust me. So you will have to kill me now.” 

The two commanders were perplexed by his actions. They could not decide on their next action! Taking advantage of this situation, Mohit Sharma took out his fully loaded 9-mm Pistol and shot the terrorists dead! Later, he collected all the weapons of the terrorists and reported to the nearest army camp! 

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The Kupwara Operation

In the year 2009, after Captain Mohit was promoted to the rank of Major, he and his team were posted in the Kupwara district of Kashmir where he was frequently engaged in anti-terrorist operations. 

On 21st March 2009, Major Sharma with his team headed for a search and destroy operation against the terrorists of the Haphruda forest. But, to their surprise, the terrorists attacked them from all directions in which four of Sharma’s team members got injured heavily. 

Without a second thought, Major Mohit Sharma recovered two of the injured officials taking his own safety for granted. 

Following this incident, Major Sharma managed to kill two terrorists but got himself fired in the chest! But, with full courage and determination, h continued the operation and killed two more terrorists. His last words were, “ Do not let anyone escape, take them all out”.

Soon he took his last breath with the bullet injury in his chest! Thus, he sacrificed himself to his motherland! 

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The brave act of  Iftikhar Bhatt, who is Major Mohit Sharma in disguise, is still alive in the hearts of the Indians! 

For his selfless sacrifice towards the Nation, he was awarded posthumously with the nation’s highest gallantry award, Asoka Chakra on 26th January 2010! He was also awarded Sena Medal for his covert operation in 2005.

In the year 2019, as a form of honor and respect towards the inspiration of the youth, the Delhi Metro Corporation renamed the Rajendra Nagar Metro Station as Major Mohit Sharma metro station!

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