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Bilawal Hina Affair – Is Something Still Cooking Between The Ex Couple?

bilawal hina affair
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A surprising claim involving the Pakistan People’s Party and Minister Of foreign affairs, Bilawal Hina affair has swept Pakistan’s social platforms. According to the newspaper, Bilawal was head over heels in love with Hina, who is 11 years his senior. According to the story, both of them planned to leave Pakistan after their marriage and settle in Switzerland. Despite Pakistani officials’ denials of the affair, reports claim that Hina’s husband has applied to the Federal Investigation Agency for full call information of two “suspected” numbers. 

When Bilawal-Hina Affair Was Captured

Khar is set to divorce rich entrepreneur Firoze Gulzar, from whom she has two kids named Annaya and Dina, as per the Blitzweekly. However, President Zardari, Bilawal’s father, is not pleased with the elevated relationship. “The covert affair involving Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Rabbani Khar came to Asif Ali Zardari’s notice after the duo was captured in a precarious situation inside the President’s main residence,” according to reports. 

President Zardari later obtained cellphone call records between Bilawal and Hina to corroborate their relationship. According to the magazine, which was based on “western intelligence services,” the “couple” had texted each other.

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Allegations Of Bilawal Bhutto And Hina Rabbani Affair

The allegations about Bilawal Hina affair have been widely reported in Pakistan, sparking conspiracy theories among Islamabad’s political elite, despite Hina Rabbani and her husband, Feroze Gulzar, dismissing them as “repulsive” and “nonsense. Individuals believe the charges are part of a plot by the menacing Inter-Service Intelligence agency to destroy Rabbani Khar’s reputation since the agency has chastised her for promoting a UN interrogation into thousands of people who have gone missing after being detained by security personnel. 

Chief PPP officials spoke on Thursday that individuals believe the allegations are part of a conspiracy by the threatening Inter-Service Intelligence agency to smear Rabbani Khar’s prestige because the agency criticizes her for fostering a UN interrogation into 1000s of people who have gone missing after being held in custody by security forces.

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