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Why American Revolution Happened – Unravelling American Revolution

why american revolution happened
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The American Revolution, also known as the Revolutionary War or American War of Independence, between 1775 and 1783 was a pioneering movement. It was waged between the colonial Britishers and the Americans that resulted in Americans being freed from colonial British rule! This article will take you to the era of the American Revolution and will take a glimpse at why American Revolution happened. 

The American Revolutionary War also paved the way for the Atlantic Revolution – especially the French Revolution. But, what was the story behind the American Revolution that led the way for future independence movements? Who won the American Revolution and how? We will discuss some unknown facts about the American Revolution.

Why American Revolution Happened?

Americans Led by George Washington started American Revolution

Before answering questions as to why American Revolution happened and what started the American Revolution and why, let us first take a look at the two parties who stood against each other in the revolution! 

The American Revolutionary War was a full-fledged battle against the monarchist rules of the colonial Britishers. The Britishers captured and colonized 13 British colonies who later through years of struggle finally recognized themselves as an independent nation. 

What started the American Revolution and why?

But, what are the potential causes of the revolution? Let us take a look at some of the facts about the American Revolutionary War to understand it better.

1. Taxes And Acts Paved The Way For The Historic Revolution

The British Army fought a war with the French army in the North American region known as “The French and Indian War”. The war with the French community sucked up money from the Britisher’s cash chest! Thus, to raise funds for the war, the British Government introduced several new taxes and acts on the 13 American colonies! Though the taxes were withdrawn on several occasions, this led to a series of protests and unrest among the suppressed masses. The Stamp Act of 1765, and The Townshend Act of 1767, are some of these! On March 22, 1765, The British Parliament passed the Stamp Act, inflaming relations with the American colonies. The Townshend Act was introduced to levy taxes on essential goods.

2. The Boston Massacre

Protestors killed by the guards in later known as Boston Massacre

On 5th March 1770, a group of protestors gathered around the guards of the Custom House and threw stones at them. As a response, the soldiers fired, killing five men and others were injured. This unfortunate event was later known as the Boston Massacre. The Patriots utilized this opportunity to gain support against colonial rule. 

3. The Boston Tea Party

Protestors throwing tea chests which was later named Boston Tea Party

Most of the levied taxes on items were withdrawn in fear of the increasing unrest among the masses. But, the introduction of taxes on teas in 1773 again led to an insurgency. In response to the landing of three ships in Boston Harbor, protesters threw 340 tea chests off the ship, known as the Boston Tea Party. The Continental Congress was formed in 1774 by the twelve colonial colonies to fight against the oppression of the British! 

4. George Washington And His Continental Congress

George Washington addressing Continental Army during the American Revolution War

Each British ruled American colony established itself into a Provincial Congress, which abolished Loyalism in the region and supported the Continental Army led by Washington. They stood together against the monarchist rule and in the year 1774, 4th July, declared themselves as independent states. 

5. The Involvement Of France Paved The Way For American Independence

French Army joining with Americans to support in American Revolution War

It was a great victory for the American military when the Continental  Army captured a British Army in the year 1777, at the battle of Saratoga. This led France to join hands with the Americans against the colonialist British! On the contrary, Britain failed to gain enough support from the Loyalists, they thought that they would be able to gain victory against their opposition, and would again force themselves to become Loyalists. But, they failed to see the other side of the coin. They never realized the massive economic and military support that the Americans were receiving through France! 

6. The Paris Treaty – How Did The American Revolution End

Treaty of Paris signed by America to end the war

Though British General Charles Cornwallis captured an American Army in South Carolina in 1780, he failed to take full charge of the region due to a lack of supporters. Thus, he had to surrender to the combined forces of Americans and the French in the year 1781. Finally, in the year 1783, on 3rd September, the Paris Treaty was signed by both the parties, ending a seven years-long battle! The Americans declared themselves as a legally independent nation, free from the British rules! 

7. The British Were More Powerful And Experienced Than The American Army

The born leader, George Washington was not as experienced in the art of winning battles! He was much weaker before his opponents, the British Army! But, still, with his intelligence and leadership skills, he could manage the Army efficiently. He appointed Officer Benjamin Tallmadge as head of the Secret Service of the Continental Army. He additionally appointed his men to gather information about the plans of the British Military.

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8. War Versus Disease

Americans getting vaccinated to fight against small pox during the American Revolutionary War

In earlier days, most of the deaths in the war were not due to war itself, but due to infections from the opponents! In the year 1777, Washington decided to vaccinate the entire army against the deadly disease of smallpox. 

9. American Revolution Effects

Right to Vote introduced in America after American Revolution for the first time

The notable effect of the American Revolution is the introduction of a written Constitution, which was absent during British rule. Additionally, the right to vote was also introduced in the USA. 

10. Slaves Were Set Free 

The slaves were freed of the oppression, they faced for decades! Slave importance was also abolished in the Northern regions!

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11. Women Education

women education paved way in Use after american revolution

The establishment of a new United States of America resulted in the education of women, which was earlier a myth to many! Though this did not end oppression against women, this paved the way for the women’s rights movement in the USA later! 

12. New Trade Relations 

After gaining independence, the Government of the USA found the economy of the country in a very unstable state! They were engrossed in debts! But, on the positive side, the taxes imposed by the British were released and thus new trade relations with other countries were established!


While the Americans were given the freedom to practice the religion of their own choice, there were some disadvantages of the Revolutionary War as well. The Loyalists, who served in the British Army had to face severe humiliations from the Patriots! Some even lost their homeland and had to escape to Britain. Some received lands in British acquired territories, especially Canada. 

We hope that this article could give an answer to your question as to why American Revolution happened and who won the battle.

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