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The Hariyali Teej Story – Vrat Vidhi, Pooja Vidhi, Quotes And Mehendi Design 

Hariyali Teej Story
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Hariyali Teej is a famous Hindu festival celebrated mainly in Northern India including other countries like Nepal, with full zeal and enthusiasm. This festival is the centre of attraction for both married and unmarried women. It is also commonly called the Women’s festival, although boys are observed flying kites on this day marking their own kind of celebration. The Hariyali Teej story involves the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The festival is celebrated in the month of Sawan (monsoon) holding great significance, followed by Hariyali Teej vrat vidhi and Hariyali Teej pooja vidhi. This article will give you a glance at Hariyali Teej quotes and some awesome Hariyali Teej mehndi designs.

Why Hariyali Teej Is Celebrated?

For married women, this festival is equivalent to Karva Chauth while unmarried women celebrate and pray to get a suitable groom or partner. Women perform various rituals, dances, and folk songs, and even put Hariyali Teej mehndi designs to enhance the festivities. 

Hariyali Teej Story

The swings are installed and women in the group enjoy the festivities. The Hariyali Teej quotes are shared among people filling new energy and wishes amongst each other. 

The Hariyali Teej Story – Shiv Parvati Union

According to folklore and several religious scriptures, it is believed that Goddess Parvati was reincarnated 107 times to pursue Lord Shiva as her better half. While her 107 birth, she could not get Lord Shiva as her husband due to several incompatibilities and social problems. 

In her 108th birth, Mata Parvati went through several hard meditation and struggles to get Lord Shiv as her husband and finally succeeded. It was the month of Shravan, Shukla Pakash Tritya. Since then, this day is celebrated as the union of Shiv-Parvati as nature rejoiced in the union, hence the name Hariyali Teej. This is the Hariyali Teej story and significance which also differs region to region and religious beliefs.

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The Hariyali Teej Vrat Vidhi – Vrat Significance and Rituals

The Hariyali Teej vrat vidhi holds quite a significance while celebrating the festival, especially for both married and unmarried women. The hariyali vrat is not compulsory but a choice of religious belief. The celebratory day is marked with the beginning of vrat vidhi starting with purifying yourself with a bath before sunrise which is also called, in Brahma Muhurta.

New clothes are usually prefered and celibacy must be retained on the fasting day. The worship and sankalp process is done with a vow to sincerely carry out the vrat without any obstacle. 

Hariyali Teej pooja vidhi

Two types of vrat can be opt, one phalahari, in which you can consume fruits and the second, Nirjala vrat, in which no water consumption is allowed throughout the day. Reading of religious scriptures like shiva purana, parvati aarti is done. Preparation of bhog is done which involves panchamrit combination of ghee, gangajal, milk, curd, and honey. 

The Hariyali Teej Pooja Vidhi – Opening Of Fast And Rituals

The Hariyali Teej pooja vidhi is usually carried during the evening or Godhuli Muhurat which is also called the Vijay Muhurat or Pradosh Kaal or Saanjh. The pooja vidhi begins with the preparation of pooja thali, including a lighted ghee lamp or Diya, with water in Kalash. A separate bhog thali is also being set.

First, the water is offered to the deities and Ganesh pooja is performed. Application of Chandan and offering fruits, flowers, and datura leaves to Shiv Parvati with bhog prepared at home. The panchamrit, paan leaves, supari, and sweets are also offered. Finally, the Hariyali Teej pooja vidhi is completed with reciting of vrat katha and performing aarti.

The Hariyali Teej Quotes – Wishes And Greetings

Hariyali Teej is one of the auspicious festivals celebrated among the Hindu community. Here are some Hariyali Teej quotes you can share with your loved ones to give them greetings and blessings. 

  • May the ultimate union of Shiv- Parvati brings joy and prosperity to you and your loved ones. Happy Hartalika Teej to you and your family.
  • May Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati shower their blessing upon you and your family and you accomplish goodness and zeal in life. Happy Teej!
  • This Hariyali Teej brings prosperity and blessings to your life. May your fastings be fruitful and you get what you prayed for. Happy Teej.

Share these Hariyali Teej quotes with your loved ones and spread the vibes of festivity.

The Hariyali Teej Mehndi Design – Art And Rituals

The application of mehndi on the occasion of Hariyali Teej is considered auspicious and beautiful. Here are some of the unique and latest Hariyali Teej mehndi designs which will add special significance to your festival celebration.

Few Final Words

The Hariyali Teej is a festival of auspiciousness and happiness. It celebrated the union of true love even after all struggles and hardships. Married women pray for a happy married life while unmarried women seek blessings to have a suitable and nice groom in future.

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