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Savage Chechen Fighters – Facts about Chechen fighters of Russia

facts about chechen army | Trending Reader
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As the boiling battle of Ukraine and Russia continues and the tension is still intact there has been no step towards peace and there is no hope yet. Delegates of Ukraine and Russia have been holding meetings in Belarus to tackle the current situation but, on the other hand, Moscow is continuing its attacks on cities like Kyiv and Mariupol. The leader of the Chechen and a loyal ally of the Kremlin, Ramzan Kadyrov, has confirmed the involvement of over ten thousand fighters who will lend a hand in the Ukrainian Invasion. Here are all the facts about Chechen fighters of Russia.

facts about Chechen fighters | Trending Reader

Facts about Chechen fighters of Russia – History & Origin

  1. Chechen fighters of Russia, come from the Chechnya republic located on the Southwest of Russia, and this is situated in the Greater Caucasus Ranges’ Northern flank.
  2. Chechnya was attacked by Russian troops in 1994 and in response they got back a very strong resistance but they were successful in overcoming all the challenges created by the fighters of Chechnya and took over the capital city of Grozny.
  3. The struggle continued for a few years and then a peace treaty was signed between the then Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Aslan Maskhadov, the guerrilla leader of Chechnya.
  4. During this attack, around 100,000 people had died in Chechnya and 400,000 were forced to flee. But again, around 1999,  Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the Chechen fighters and claimed that they caused bombings that killed Russian civilians.
  5. The fight regarding this continued and this led to the emergence of Chechen fighters of Russia. After Russia made peace with Chechnya, the Chechen fighters have become an asset for the Russian government.

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Chechen Fighters’ Objectives

facts about Chechen fighters | Trending Reader

The Russian Government is using the Chechen fighters in invading Ukraine and the main objective of these fighters is ‘hunting’. The Russian troops are being helped by the Chechen fighters, who are trained in Urban combats, in taking over Kyiv and other such major cities and locations of the country. A Russian Defence Ministry press release claimed that the Chechen fighters are fulfilling their roles and missions in Kyiv and other regions. 

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of this group of fighters, is a close friend of Putin and he has given the assurance that they are not aiming to fight against Ukraine or Ukrainian people and has demanded that the Ukrainian president should apologize to Putin. 

Russian troops are using the Chechen fighters to psychologically undermine and weaken the Ukrainian soldiers and citizens. They are being used as a tool to instigate fear among the people of Ukraine.

Final Words

Chechen fighters are one of the strongest groups in the world and they have been active for a long time. Chechen fighters over the years have proven their violence through many instances and even though we are getting all the assurance from them, it is really hard to not speculate the worst as the battle between the two nations continues.

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