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Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day: Everything About ‘Land Of Rising Sun’

arunacha pradesh facts | Trending Reader
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The 20th of February is celebrated are the foundation day of Arunachal Pradesh. On this date, in the year 1987 Arunachal Pradesh was founded as a full-fledged state. This year, the 34th Arunachal Pradesh foundation day was celebrated. Home minister Amit Shah was the chief guest at the program. He laid the foundation stone of Arunachal Pradesh’s new police headquarters. 

Arunachal Pradesh | Trending Reader
Beautiful View of Arunachal Pradesh

Historical Facts About Arunachal Pradesh 

Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day | Trending Reader

1. Arunachal Pradesh was considered as a part of the North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) and the part of the state of Assam till the year 1972. 

2. In the year 1972, It was declared as a union territory and was renamed Arunachal Pradesh. 

3. In the year 1987, Arunachal Pradesh was finally declared a full-fledged state. 

4. The state was divided into 16 districts. And Itanagar was declared as the capital of the state. 

5. Itanagar is named after the Ita Fort, the fort of bricks which is situated in the city. 

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6. The name Arunachal is a Sanskrit name and you can find its reference in many of the ancient folks and Epic poems: 

  • The place was known as the Prabhu mountains in the Purana. 
  • The place where sage Purshuram was atoned for his sin. 
  • The place where Rukmini married Lord Krishna. 

7. Arunachal Pradesh is rich in its cultural heritage. 

8. The state shares border with China, which claimed it was their territory and started a war in 1962 the Sino-Indian war. 

9. It also shares borders with Tibet, Myanmar, Bhutan, and the states of Nagaland and Assam. 

10. The capital of Arunachal Pradesh is also famous for its Jawaharlal Nehru museum and the Ganga lake. 

11. The population of the state is less as compared to other states of the country. Different tribes dwell in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, they are Nyishi, Adi, Apatani, Tagin, and Galo. 

Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day

The Arunachal Pradesh foundation day is celebrated as a pride of the native people of the state. They celebrate this day every year, considering it as a national day. It is a very proud moment for the people of Arunachal Pradesh when the state got its recognition with the state of Mizoram by the 55th amendment act of the Indian constitution in the year 1986. 

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