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Facts About Metropolitan Museum Of Art Will Surprise You

metropolitan museum of art | Trending Reader
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, widely called “The Met” is home to numerous secrets and facts about Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Museum was established in 1870, and since then, the place has been eminent for the treasury it enshrouds within. The place isn’t just a place to witness heritages from all around the world; instead, it is such a quaint experience where you enjoy the work of art. 

Details About Metropolitan Museum Of Art

metropolitan museum of arts | Trending Reader

The Met presents a vintage treasure of 5000 years of art for everyone to experience and enjoy. It is more than just a collection of some of the rarest and most beautiful sites. The Met connected the dots of the time and made its visitors travel across time and cultures. It has two iconic locations in New York, The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Cloisters. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was opened for the public, on February 20, 1872, in New York City and thereafter it became the greatest museum in the world. 

The mission statement of the Museum states: “The Metropolitan Museum of Art collects, studies, conserves and presents significant works of art across all times and cultures to connect people to creativity, knowledge, and ideas.”

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Facts About Metropolitan Museum Of Art

  1. In 1870, The Met was built by a group of people, including art enthusiasts, businessmen, and philanthropists. At first, the Museum was home to 200 European paintings and a Roman Sarcophagus. With time the space became insufficient for the art, and then two years after its establishment, it shifted to Fifth Avenue, New York. 
  2. The Met is responsible for the survival of the oldest piano in the world. The instrument was made in 1720 by Bartolomeo Cristofori, the inventor of the piano. Today, this instrument is displayed as a piece of art, and all music lovers go crazy to watch it.
  3. The Museum is a complete exposure to experiencing a world tour. The place depicts the lifestyle and the cultural artwork of different countries and continents. An ancient Egyptian temple, Chinese garden Court, Spanish Castle’s patio, rooms and villas from the Oatman period, etc.
  4. This place is itself an iconic picturesque that holds thousands of other dramatic from around the universe. Movies like ‘When Harry met Sally’ (1989), ‘The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), ‘Coogan’s Bluff’ (1968), ‘Keeping the Faith’ (2000), etc., have featured The Met.
  5. The Great Hall of The Met has an infinitely soothing fragrance of roses spread around, highly adorned by its visitors. The Dutch-born florist RemcoVan Vliet is an in-house resident florist responsible for the hall’s floral arrangements.
  6. An adorable blue statue of Hippopotamus is the mascot of the Museum. It is an ancient Egyptian hippopotamus named Willam. Such sculptures were considered a real threat even in the afterlife during the ancient times of Egypt.
  7. The Museum is packed with millions of visitors throughout the year; therefore, The Met also prepares multiple virtual tours of its online visitors. Also, several events, exhibitions, and auctions are conducted within the Museum to attract more people.
  8. The Met was the first to acquire Henri Matisse’s artwork that was proposed for public display. It also contains the incredible art pieces of Auguste Renoir, Johannes Vermeer, and many more distinguished names.


The Met covers countless facts about Metropolitan Museum of Art and several secrets that haven’t been buried. The place is a lifetime experience with so much to offer that one cannot attain with just two eyes. There are ten thousand antiques placed into a display at a time within its land of two million square foot museum’s building.

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