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The Best Of Science Fiction: 10 Best Science Fiction Books For Everyone

Science Fiction Books
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Highlights :

  • Science fiction books are creative, smart, and intelligently plotted.
  • Some of these books became so popular, they were converted to movies.
  • Frankenstein and Jurassic Park are very popular even among non-sci-fi lovers.

Fiction has always been a way to escape life and explore the world of imagination. Science fiction is even better. People used to spend nights hooked onto science fiction and came up with a new theory every morning. They even felt paranoid sometimes due to the sheer possibility of anything happening at any moment. Credit goes to those authors who could make us feel like that. Even when we are busy with other work, our minds wander in those Science fiction books, and sometimes few even pretend that they were the protagonist. 

Blame the sci-fi books for making us feel like the main character. So, here, we have come up with a list of the 10 best sci-fi books that are a must-read for everyone. Take it from an expert. Brace yourself before turning every page of these books.

The Top Science Fiction Books For Everyone

1. Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

The name brings shivers to even those who haven’t read the book. Frankenstein rose to fame in every nook and corner of the world due to its intelligent plot and twists.

Mary Shelley gifted this masterpiece to the world when she was only 18. Who doesn’t know Frankenstein? The story revolves around Dr. Frankenstein who developed a creature and didn’t take responsibility for it.

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2. The Stars My Destination – Alfred Bester

Are you into cyberpunk? Brought to life by Alfred Bester in 1957, “The Stars My Destination” is fresh and new among youngsters. It is one of the most influential and inspiring books in the world.

It is based on the possibilities of teleportation and how it turns into a story of vengeance. The Stars My Destination is a retelling of the book, The Count of Monte Cristo. Surround yourself with revenge drama in the science fiction way with this book.

3. Solaris – Stanislaw Lem

Written in 1961 by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, Solaris revolves around a team of researchers who are continuously trying to make sense out of the living ocean on the planet of Solaris.

They don’t have much success with it. The team gets to know more about themselves than Solaris in this journey. The story is as moral as it is scientific, so readers will learn something deep along with getting an interesting plot. 

4. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress – Robert Heinlein

It’s one of Elon Musk’s favorites. This book painted the possibility of life on the Moon before man stepped on the Moon. Libertarian ideas are discussed in this book.

The novel takes you through the political, social, and military facets of a conflict between the Earth and the Moon. Writer Robert Heinlein was one of the first science fiction writers who brought sci-fi into the mainstream.

5. Ice – Anna Kavan

Want to envision the end of the world? Welcome to Ice by Anna Kavan. In this book, the Earth is getting engulfed by an Ice Shelf! It is nightmarish, horrific, violent, and scary as hell.

Everything a fiction reader wants, right? The nameless protagonist of this story is always chasing a beautiful young woman and her feelings become darker as the ice closes in.

6. The Left Hand Of Darkness – Ursula K. Le Guin

Brought to life by Le Guin in the year 1969, this book revolves around an Earth-like planet where creatures are ambisexual.

Genly Ai, the protagonist who goes to Gethen to convince the beings there to join the Ekumen, meets barriers in understanding.

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7. Neuromancer – William Gibson

This is the ultimate read for cyberpunk readers. Neuromancer, brought out in 1984 by William Gibson, revolves around Henry Case, who’s a hacker turned junkie.

The setting of the novel is in a Japanese underworld which gives a very technological yet eerie feeling to the reader.

8. Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton

You have to agree that this is a must on this list. You probably most definitely know about this, don’t you?  You must have watched the movie, but the book is just as interesting!

Micheal Crichton did a creative, imaginative, technologically pleasing, and smart job with this one. It throws light on the dangers of genetic engineering.

9. Metro 2033 – Dmitry Glukhovsky

It is one of the most recent books and came out in 2002. It revolves around a nuclear apocalypse in 2033 where the human population of Moscow flees to the underground tunnels of the city.

Independent tribes are formed hereafter in each metro station, and goods are traded. The twist in this story is the flesh-eating mutant and the mysterious voice that drives everyone mad. It will fulfill your shock expectancy for sure.

10. The Three-Body Problem – Liu Cixin

Liu Cixin is a very famous science fiction writer of China and his works are appreciated a lot. The first part of The Three-Body Problem, which is a trilogy, is a whole package for sci-fi lovers.

The secret military project, contact with alien life, planning, camps, and superior beings – everything that excites a sci-fi lover.

Final Words 

These Science fiction books have gained immense popularity due to their plots and characters. There is even merchandise available for some of these books. We hope this list helps you in picking your next science fiction book.

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