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Net Worth Of Putin – Is Putin The Richest Man In The World?

Is Putin the richest man in the world
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Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has always been in the news regarding many controversies. The most recent one being the Russia-Ukraine war buildup. But if we focus on the less threatening matters, there has always been a mystery revolving around the net worth of Putin. Is Putin the richest man in the world? What is the estimated net worth of Putin in 2022? And so is Putin richer than Elon Musk? Read further as we discuss the possibilities of these being true or not.

Is Putin The Richest Man In The World?

Born on 7th October, 1952 and serving as the President of Russia since 2000, Vladimir Putin is one of the most powerful figures in the world. While being the most influential, he is also rumored to be the world’s richest man with a rumored net worth of about 200 billion dollars. So what is all the buzz about? Let’s read next.

Net Worth Of Putin 

On the surface, Putin is one of those government officials with a modest salary and earning $140,000 per annum. But according to multiple media reports, the estimated net worth of Putin in 2022 goes up to $285 billion, including all the luxurious assets he owns. 

However, Forbes refrains from putting his name on the list citing the reason that they were unable to identify the ownership of Putin’s assets worth around $1 billion.

Expensive Things Owned By Putin

Apart from the declared assets of an apartment, trailer and three cars, Putin sure has an eye for other expensive things. The biggest rumor is that he owns a 1,90,000-square-foot mansion worth $1.4 billion, near the Black Sea cliffs. 

Apart from that, he is rumored to have 58 aircraft, 700 cars and 19 houses, all personally owned. He also is said to have a yacht worth $700 million and a collection of luxurious watches that alone sum up to 30 million dollars.

Is Putin Richer Than Elon Musk

Is Putin Richer Than Elon Musk?

Even Elon Musk, the officially wealthiest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $238 billion in 2022, once said in a news interview that he believes Putin is significantly richer than him. 

Well, this might be true or untrue but if the reports of some Russian press releases like the Kremlin are to be believed, the entire net worth of Putin, both declared and undeclared, may sum up to around $285 billion, making him even richer than Elon Musk.

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While the debate of who is richer, Elon Musk or Vladimir Putin still goes on and we don’t see it reaching an end any sooner, Putin continues to be a hot topic in almost all thinkable columns of news. And it is believed that he will continue to assert his country’s dominance over the world in the near future.

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