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Who is Chhinnamasta And Why Did Maa Chinnamasta Cut Her Head?

Who Is Chhinnamasta
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We worship many forms of shakti because they offer excellent protection to their followers and devotees. One such form is the goddess Chhinnamasta. In this article, we will learn who is Chhinnamasta goddess, why Maa Chinnamasta cut her head, and how to worship Maa Chhinnamasta.

Who Is Chhinnamasta?

Chinnamasta is the Hindu Devi of transformation. She is also recognized as Chhinnamastika and is the sixth of the Dasa Mahavidya, or Wisdom Goddesses. Goddess is shown clutching her own head, which she had recently severed. She is also known as Prachanda Chandika and the self-decapitated Goddess. She is a very powerful Shakti form. 

Chinnamasta literally means “severed head,” and she is frequently associated with a frightening temperament in Hindu dharma.

Why Did Devi Chhinnamasta Cut Her Head?

Chinnamasta’s birth is the subject of several legends. Parvati was said to have been aroused and turned black while bathing in the Mandakini river, according to legend. Dakini and Varnini, her two servants, became hungry and requested the Goddess to feed them. 

Due to a lack of food, Goddess Parvati chopped her head, causing blood to flow in three different directions: two in the mouths of the servants, and one in her mouth. Parvati assumed the avatar of Goddess Chhinnamasta here.

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Maa Chhinnamasta’s Appearance

She is generally naked in shrines and paintings, with disordered hair and blood all over her body. She is standing over a nude pair identified as Kama Deva and Rati. Rati, the Goddess of Sexual Desire, and the Kama, the God of Love, are married.

She’s dressed in a snake with a holy thread and a skull garland. Her feminine servants — Dakini and Varini – relish the blood that drips from her neck in the portrayal. She is holding her own head in her left hand and a Khatri in her right, through which she has chopped off her own head. She is just 16, in old textbooks, with a full breast and a blue lotus at her heart.

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How To Worship Chhinnamasta Devi?

Normally, you won’t find many Hindus that have a Devi Chhinnamasta picture or murti in their homes. Hindus frequently worship a gentler, more sober version of Devi at home, such as Devi Durga, who sits on her tiger/lion, clothed as a married lady, and blesses her children (the devotees). 

Devi Chhinnamasta is commonly revered in Tantric temples. Various individuals are terrified of coming to such locations of tantric worship because of the many tales surrounding them. Regardless of the form, she is presented in, we believe the Mother or Devi is kind and loving. Many people regard Devi forms such as Kali or Chhinnamasta as aggressive and refuse to worship them at home. However, if you think of her as a mother who looks after you, you’ll view things differently.

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They have several Avatars and shapes of shakti. When demons wreaked cruelty and havoc on Earth, these goddesses appeared in various forms and slew the demons, freeing the people from their torments.

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