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Holika Dahan 2022: Date, Time, Significance & How To Celebrate

holika dahan 2022 | Trending Reader
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“Chhoti Holi” or “Holika Dahan” takes place one afternoon before the auspicious Holi festival. Holika Dahan, like Holi, symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and symbolizes love and pure devotion. Holi also signifies the end of the winter season and the start of the spring season. Read more to know the date, time, and significance of Holika Dahan 2022.

Date & Time For Holika Dahan 2022

This year, Holika Dahan occurs on Thursday. Holika Dahan will be celebrated on March 17 from 06:32 PM till March 17, 08:57 PM.

Holika Dahan 2022: History Of This Auspicious Day 

holika Dahan 2022 | Trending Reader

Holika Dahan, also known as Choti Holi, takes place a day before Rangwali Holi’s celebration. Holika Dahan will be observed in India on March 17 this year. Holika Dahan is a tale of good achieving victory against evil. 

Hiranyakashipu, widely known as the Demon King, was Lord Vishnu’s greatest enemy. Hiranyakashipu’s son Prahalada, on the other hand, was a devoted believer of Lord Vishu who worshipped him religiously. This did not sit well with Prahalada’s father, Hiranyakashipu, who resolved to murder his own son with the help of his demon sister Holika. 

The Demoness was given a shawl by Lord Brahma that shielded her from fire. Prahlada was convinced to join Holika in the bonfire. Prahlada prayed to Lord Vishnu to protect him and keep him safe as soon as the fire was lighted. Lord Vishnu sent a rush of wind to blow the shawl of Holika and place it on Prahlada in order to save him. Prahlada was saved, but Holika was set on fire as a result of this. 

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Celebration of Holika Dahan 2022

People burn a bonfire on Holika Dahan, the night before Holi, to represent the pyre used to burn Prahlad. Several cow dung toys, including Holika and Prahlad cow dung valuable figures, are maintained in this fire. 

Prahlad’s statue is immediately removed from the hearthplace, as a duplicate of Prahlad had already been saved due to his devotion to Lord Vishnu. It honors the victory of good over evil and teaches humanity the importance of honest devotion. On the pyre, people often toss samagri, which contains antibacterial compounds or other cleaning agents that can help keep the environment clean. 

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