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Kurt Cobain Death – mysterious Death Of A legend

kurt kobain death
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Kurt Cobain Death: Death Of A Legend

Kurt Cobain, the face of the American punk music band, “ Nirvana “ shot himself in his head with a shotgun in the year 1994 on 5th April. While his death shocked the entire globe, Kurt Cobain death still remains one of the biggest unsolved crime mysteries of all time! But, why Kurt Cobain killed himself? This article will walk you through the life of Kurt Cobain and will uncover the mystery behind Kurt Cobain suicide! 

Kurt Cobain Death – End Of An Era

Kurt Cobain smoking cigarette


Kurt Cobain, the legendary singer, and guitarist of the American rock band, “ Nirvana “ was born on 20th February 1967 in Washington. He walked away from his high school degree to pursue grunge music. Soon after in the year of 1985, he shaped his passion into a music band, “ Fecal Matter” with his friends, Dale Crover and Greg Hokanson. Though his initial venture did not perform exceptionally, he established a grunge music band, “Nirvana“ with Krist Novoselic 

While Nirvana was exceptionally famous, Cobain suffered physically, with chronic bronchitis and an undiagnosed painful stomach ache He also suffered from depression, ADHD, and bipolar disorder which resulted in his addiction to alcohol, inhalants, and drugs.

In 1994, to get rid of his physical pain, Kurt Cobain overdosed himself with a sleeping pill, Rohypnol, which proved extremely dangerous for his weak immunity. While his wife claimed that he attempted suicide, Gold Mountain Records quoted that the overdose was just an accident. On the other hand, his cousin claimed that Cobain was a patient with ADHD and that his two uncles also committed suicide previously! 

On the contrary, when questioned later about the suicide attempt, Kurt Cobain stated that heroin and drugs are the only things that have given him the power to tolerate the unbearable pain! His fellow mate, Krist reported that Kurt Cobain was quite disturbed and upset for the past few days.

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Kurt Cobain’s Suicide – Why Did Kurt Cobain Kill Himself?

After intervention by his friends and wife Courtney Love, Cobain was admitted to a rehabilitation center, The Exodus Recovery Center in Los Angeles. Following the incident, on 31st March 1994, the legendary grunge singer escaped the rehab center by jumping off a six-foot wall. On 2nd April, Kurt Cobain hired a taxi and asked the chauffeur to drive him to a Seattle gun shop where he purchased firearm shells! Upon interrogation by the driver, he stated that he was burglarized and this was a defensive action to ensure his protection.

Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away – Kurt Cobain’s Suicide

On 8th April 1994, Kurt Cobain’s dead body was recovered at his Washington house by Gary Smith who arrived at his house to install security lighting! While Smith thought that Cobain was asleep, his ignorance turned into horror when he realized that he had been shot dead some three days before! A suicide note, along with a 20-gauge shotgun was also recovered from the corpse. Kurt Cobain’s death age when he shot himself with the gun purchased by Dylan Carlson was only 27 years old! 

The Funeral Ceremony 

Following the suicide, on 10th April 1994, Courtney Love, his widower arranged for his memorial ceremony where the recording of his suicide note was played! According to Cobain, he was tired of the name and fame. It is better to burn out than to fade away. He quoted! 

Courtney also distributed a few of his clothes to his fans and admirers who attended the ceremonial event. After the last rites, Love collected his ashes and headed for the Namgyal Buddhist Monastery of New York where his remains were blessed by monks. 

In the year 1999, on 31st May, his mother organized another memorial ceremony that Love and their daughter attended. His ash remains were scattered into McLane Creek by his daughter, Frances.

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Kurt Cobain’s Worth At Time Of Death 

Kurt Cobain, the face of Nirvana was worth $50 million at the time of his death! 

Kurt Cobain Suicide Or Murder – A Series Of Investigation 

Further investigations into Kurt Cobain’s death reported that he was a drug addict and that traces of Valium were recovered from his blood. Additionally, morphine was also recognized in the toxicological test! 

Several conspiracy theories have been publicized after the suicide of Kurt Cobain. The private investigator, Tom Grant who was hired by his wife, Courtney Love to find his missing husband stated that Kurt Cobain’s death was a pure cold-blooded murder! Grant believes that the Kurt Cobain’s Suicide case is full of filthy lies and that it is next to impossible for any human to shoot himself, while he’s high on drugs! He opinionated that the suicide note was just a way to doom the police force and that Courtney had a pure motive to kill her husband! 

Grant faced severe backlash after his controversial opinion on why Kurt Cobain killed himself. Journalists Ian Halperin and Max Wallace said that if Courtney was to kill Cobain, then why did she inform the Police about his unconsciousness? Sergeant, Donald Cameron also opposed Grant’s statement saying that he was incapable of showing proof that Cobain was murdered. 

While filmmaker, Nick Broomfield released his documentary, Kurt and Courtney, which showed that Cobain was murdered. But later in an interview, he changed his statements and stated that the only possible way to explain Kurt Cobain’s death is to believe that he committed suicide. 

While the two journalists published their ken book, Who Killed Kurt Cobain, over their own studies, Grant partnered with them for a second book, Love and Death: The Murder Of Kurt Cobain.

What Do Others Have To Say? 

While Courtney’s father and Cobain’s granddad believed that Courtney might be the culprit, his friend Kim Gordon told the Uncut Magazine that though she believes that he has been killed, the news did not shake her because Cobain was previously caught red-handed for a suicide attempt! 

Others such as Nirvana’s manager claimed that Kurt Cobain’s death was a suicide and that he shot himself in his head with a gun! 

Conclusion – The End Of Nirvana

The news of Kurt Cobain’s death broke up his dream band into pieces which later resulted in the band Nirvana stepping down from the 1994 Lollapalooza lineup. While Kurt Cobain Suicide is still unresolved, and his body is cremated, he will still be alive in the hearts of his admirers!

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