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Selling On Etsy – A Way To Earn Money

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Earlier, when the world wasn’t very digitalized and making money was hard, artisans used to either give up or pursue selling their art as a side hobby. Now, as almost everything is getting digitized, selling art has been the prime source of income for many. Selling on Etsy has made it possible for all the self-craft entrepreneurs out there to reach out to their niche audience and gather a good customer base on the right platform. Not only that, but you can also sell your designs on Etsy.

Etsy – An American eCommerce Company

The American e-commerce company that has dominated the vendor market through all these years is here to stay and help you achieve your dream too. Vendors that sell handicrafts, vintage items, art, and merchandise are often found in this multi-vendor platform, with reasonable price and quality. 

Etsy is one of the most sought-after buying and selling platforms for people from all over the world as both parties have seen immense opportunities. Here are a few ways how you can make money by selling your lovely creations on Etsy and making money.

Checklist For Selling On Etsy

1. Sell Something That You Make Or That Belongs To You

You can sell both tangible and intangible components on Etsy. You can sell your design, your handicrafts, vintage items, or other creations but they should belong to you. You can take inspiration from people who are already selling on the platform. Then create your product samples and hand them out to your friends and critics. Then make the necessary changes to your products and put them for selling on Etsy.

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2. Branding

Branding is the most important point of selling. It decides the price, the audience, the reach, and the aesthetic. Branding involves everything from the color scheme to the packaging of your item. 

3. Have Good Pictures Of Your Item

Clear and crisp pictures of your items will attract more customers. Make sure that the lighting is good and your camera has a good angle of your product. Flaunting the right features will attract the right customers and increase the chances of your products being bought.

4. Package & Delivery

Finding the most beneficial and economical way to package and deliver your products to your customers is your duty. Take care of the proceeding cost and have good customer service. Keep updating your customers about the status of the delivery. Add the shipping cost accordingly and calculate your profit beforehand. Take care of proper packaging and secured delivery to ensure that the customer considers buying from you again. Good customer service always pays back better. 


Etsy definitely has made it easy for many to showcase their crafts and sell that to enthusiastic buyers. Handicrafts are often more in demand and have a better quality than machine-made commodities and Etsy helps them reach their potential buyers.

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