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Unknown Facts about Vladimir Putin Will Surprise You

facts about vladimir putin | Trending Reader
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Vladimir Putin is very much in the news nowadays due to the Russian-Ukraine war. Vladimir Putin is Russia’s current President as well as former Prime Minister. He also served as President for two terms, which concluded in 2008. There are a lot of unknown facts about Vladimir Putin and his passion for politics such as he used to be a KGB official, he entered politics as a political assistant to his mentor, etc.

facts about Vladimir Putin | Trending Reader

Vladimir entered politics with significant success and rose through the ranks to become the longest-serving Russian politician since Joseph Stalin. His career in politics has been well-documented and studied over the decades, and here are some things you may well not realize about him.

Unknown Facts About Vladimir Putin 

1. Vladimir Putin Is A Graduate Of Law School

Vladimir Putin was born in the Russian city of Leningrad, which is today known as St. Petersburg, in 1952. He along with his family lived in an apartment with some other family and went to the local elementary and secondary schools. After graduating from high school, Vladimir entered Leningrad State University to pursue a law degree. Vladimir pursued a career in the intelligence field after finishing with a law degree and chose to serve his nation.

2. He Used To Be A KGB Official

Putin as kgb official | Trending Reader

Vladimir entered the KGB as an administrative officer shortly after graduating with a law degree. Vladimir spent 15 years in the KGB and toured all around Russia, including a few semesters in Germany. Well before the country’s problems, he progressed through the levels of the KGB, finally reaching the position of lieutenant colonel. Vladimir left the KGB after the Soviet Union fell apart and sought to pursue a career in politics. 

3. Vladimir Putin Entered Politics As A Political Assistant To His Mentor

Vladimir Putin worked at Leningrad State University for a brief time following retiring from the KGB before embarking on a political career. Vladimir forged a bond with teacher Anatoly Sobchak at Leningrad State University, when he was both a student as well as a worker. Sobchak was the very first mayor of Leningrad, which is now known as St. Petersburg, to be legitimately elected. Vladimir quickly rose through the ranks of Sobchak’s official advisors and established a reputation for himself, paving the way for his political ascension. 

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4. He Rapidly Ascended The Political Food Chain

By 1994, Vladimir had risen through the ranks of Anatoly Sobchak’s administration to become Deputy Mayor. After Sobchak’s term as Mayor ended, Vladimir packed his belongings and relocated to Moscow, where he rejoined the presidential staff. In 1998, Putin was elevated to Deputy Head of Management, then to the chief of the Federal Security Service, and finally to Prime Minister in 1999. By the close of 1999, the reigning President, Boris Yeltsin, had left and Vladimir had been chosen Acting President, a position he has held since then. 

5. After The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11, 2001, He Offered Assistance To The United States

Russia and 9/11: Roads not taken | Chatham House – International Affairs  Think Tank

Vladimir Putin seems to have had love-hate ties with the United States throughout his presidency. Following the terrorist events of September 11th, 2001, Putin extended Russia’s help to the United States, enabling them to use their airspace and joining them in search-and-rescue operations. When the US chose to concentrate on removing Saddam Hussein, this backing flipped to resistance, with Russia, Germany, as well as France opposing the proposal. 


All of Vladimir Putin’s achievements have come at a price, which culminated in his divorce from his wife in 2013. Vladimir’s wife, Lyudmila, was with him since he began his political career in 1983. Vladimir is absorbed by his profession, and Lyudmila simply replied that they don’t see each other very often. Vladimir agreed with her and claimed that she had kept putting up with it for over nine years and couldn’t handle it anymore. Here were therefore all the facts about Vladimir Putin and his love for Politics.

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