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Delhi Ranks First In The List Of Cities With The Most Number Of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras
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  • Delhi has ranked first on the Forbes list for the most number of CCTV cameras within each square mile
  • The National Capital has about 1,826.6 cameras per square mile in the city
  • Delhi has outranked cities like New York, Shanghai, and London in the race of surveillance.

India is really reaching new standards of surveillance by improving its technology every single day. It has been a proud moment for the nation, as the national capital of Delhi has been declared the city with the most number of CCTV cameras per square mile. This list has been released by Forbes. Delhi has defeated several large cities like Shanghai, New York, and London in the battle of surveillance.  According to the data which has been released by Forbes, among the top 150 cities around the world, Delhi has about 1,826.6 cameras per square mile of its expanse.

Chennai And Mumbai Fare Well In The Number Of CCTV Cameras

Other than New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai have also ranked quite well on this list. Chennai came in 3rd with 609 cameras within each square mile. Mumbai has bagged the 18th rank on this list with 157.4 cameras within each square mile. Delhi has fared best among the top cities around the world. It has been able to defeat the technologically advanced Chinese cities, and even Moscow, the surveillance king of Russia. This has been a great achievement for the people who have been installing these CCTV cameras in every corner of the city. The level and standard of maintenance are also impeccable.

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Congratulations By Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has expressed his gratitude to the engineers and has felicitated the officers who have been responsible for installing these cameras. He has expressed the heartiest congratulations to the people who have been responsible for the maintenance of the installed cameras. The city has reached this standard of surveillance within a very short time. This has been to the credit of the officers who are responsible for the maintenance of the entire system. It is also a very proud moment for India since it has defeated the cities of advanced nations like the USA and the UK.

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What Do You Think?

What do you think about the installation of CCTV cameras in every corner of the city? Do you think that this is necessary for a country like India which has such a huge population? Let us know your views in the comment section below!

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