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Everything About Birbhum Violence: The Political Bad Blood

everything about birbhum violence
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On 22 March, Tuesday, following the murder of a local panchayat leader, eight bodies were found immolated. But, why did this happen? What was the situation of Birbhum before the horrific incident?

Everything About Birbhum Violence – Why The Eight Lives Were Burnt Alive? 

Eight bodies were found completely burnt alive in Bagtui village of Rampurhat in the Birbhum District of West Bengal. A day before, another news went viral about the murder of a TMC led panchayat leader, Bhadu Sheikh! 

Is there any connection between the two blood-curdling incidents? Why were the eight people, including women and children burnt alive? Why did Bhadu Sheikh fall into the hands of death? Let us take a short glimpse of what happened in the Birbhum District of Bengal! 

On 22 March, Tuesday, a local TMC panchayat leader, Bhadu Sheikh was bombed while he was attending a call near a tea-stall. Soon after, enraged mobs threw fire on several homes. Eight people were killed in the riot and many have been injured and hospitalized. Is there any relation between the two murders? Let us see what the locals have to say.

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The Story Of Bhadu Sheikh 

West Bengal: Houses burnt, 8 killed after murder of TMC leader Bhadu Sheikh


This section will deal with everything about Birbhum violence, from the story of Bhadu Sheikh to the blood-chilling genocide of several locals! A police official from the district in his statement said that it is still not clear as why the panchayat leader was murdered. But, according to the locals, the murder might be rooted to political rivalry! 

Earlier, Bhadu was associated with the Congress Party, but soon after TMC gained power and position over the area, Bhadu joined hands with the ruling party and was elected as the panchayat leader. He then went on to use his political powers and charge money from the passing trucks! His levying money from others made him rich in a few days. As his power and influence over others reached great heights, he started appointing body guards for his safety! 

All these factors gave birth to rivals within the political party! Some locals are even saying that the murder is an outrage of his rivals! 

The Story Of Those Burnt Alive 

Following the incident of his murder, eight people were found burnt dead by enraged mobs! According to reports, this mass killing is the result of the murder of the political leader. According to the media, the engaged mob threw fire on the suspected assassinators of Bhadu Sheikh on Tuesday, a day after the murder! 

Though eight people were burnt alive, including women and minors. Several others were severely injured and were admitted to the hospital.

The State Government Versus The Central Government 

Soon after those shocking and blood-chilling incidents, several culprits have been arrested, said a senior police officer of the district. While collecting news on everything about Birbhum violence, the media came to know that the State Government has formed a Special Investigation Team, to investigate and look into the matter.

Meanwhile, the ruling party at the Center has again found a way amidst the West Bengal violence to backlash Mamata Banerjee. Amir Shah, the Union Home Minister has asked the State Government to submit a report on the matter. 

Leaders like Dilip Ghosh and Suvendu Adhikary also stepped into the matter and started throwing dirt on the law and order of the state, under Mamata Banerjee. At an event in the Victoria Memorial of Kolkata, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown huge interest to lend a helping hand to the state in these emergency situations.

The After Effects 

Horrified by the incidents and fearing riots in the near future, the local residents of the District are now ready to pack their essentials and leave the place! 


While the Calcutta High Court is hearing the matter, there is one question that comes up amidst these incidents? Has West Bengal fallen into a trap of vicious and heinous crimes? Is history repeating itself in the State again? Till when the innocent will have to lose their lives and close ones in such riots? We hope that this article, everything about Birbhum violence has given you full clarity over the case!

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