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Discover The Ferrari First Win In F1, 1951 Ferrari Car, Most Expensive And Cheapest Ferrari

Ferrari first win in f1
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Enzo Ferrari created Ferrari, an Italian premium sports vehicle manufacturer with headquarters in Maranello. For motorsports fans, the name would ring an instant bell and for the general mass, it’d be a sign of pure luxury. However, the history behind Ferrari and the reason for the brand’s success is quite an interesting one. It all started with Ferrari first win in F1 — thanks to the 1951 Ferrari F1 Car, the Ferrari 375 F1 Silverstone. This event in history marked the reign of Ferrari in car manufacturing. In this article, you’ll be guided through Ferrari history, who José Froilán González is, the most expensive Ferrari car, and the cheapest Ferrari car. Buckle up, for it’ll be quite the ride. 

Ferrari Car in 1951: Ferrari 375 F1 Silverstone

The 1951 Ferrari F1 Car that resulted in their Formula One World Championship win for the first time was the Ferrari 375 F1 Silverstone. Ferrari created the 375 F1, of which two made their racing debut at Monza on September 3, 1950, and achieved the formula’s 4.5-liter target. 

1951 Ferrari f1 car

Ferrari was eventually able to pass Alfa Romeo in a race after numerous adjustments were made throughout the 1951 Formula One season. Fortunately, José Froilán González’s victory at Silverstone on July 14th was Ferrari’s first World Championship triumph. 

Therefore, the 1951 Ferrari F1 car made it into history books with its triumphant win — all thanks to José Froilán González and the Ferrari 375 F1 Silverstone. 

The Ferrari Legend — Jose Froilan Gonzalez

Argentina’s José Froilán González competed in motorsports. González competed in 26 Formula One Grands Prix for the World Championship and several non-championship races across nine seasons (1950-1957 and 1960). In the 26 World Championship races, González finished with two victories (the 1951 and 1954 British Grand Prix), which have quite the historic significance for both him and Ferrari, especially the 1951 Ferrari F1 car. 

On July 14th, 1951, Jose Froilan Gonzalez assisted Ferrari in capturing the Formula One World Championship for the first time. Therefore, José Froilán González is a Ferrari legend. 

The Ferrari Legend — Jose Froilan Gonzalez

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Ferrari First Win In F1

Ferrari first win in F1 was historic. England’s Northamptonshire hosted the 1951 British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit. It was race 5 of 8 in the 1951 World Championship of Drivers and lasted 90 laps.

Ferrari took their first Formula One Grand Prix victory at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on 14th July 1951. Ferrari collected their first Formula One trophy after José Froilán González took first place in the race. This constituted Ferrari first win in F1. 

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

What is the most expensive Ferrari car? When we take into consideration the exquisite collections of Ferrari cars, it becomes hard to categorize. However, based on the price range, the following are the most expensive Ferrari cars. 

1. 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO

In the world of collectable cars, the Ferrari 250 GTO is recognized as Ferrari’s finest. It is one of the rarest Ferraris in existence. Considered one of the most successful racing cars of its era, its value increases when you realize it’s a historical artefact. Only 36 units were produced between 1962 and 1964. With a staggering price of $70,000,000.00, it holds the record for the most expensive vehicle ever to be purchased at an auction.

2. Ferrari 335 Sport Scaglietti 

The Ferrari 355 Sport Scaglietti was made in only four pieces between 1957 and 1958 and they can fetch a hefty price at auctions. One of the 355’s was last sold for $35,000,000 at auction. Hence, it is one of the most expensive Ferrari car ever produced. 

3. 1956 Ferrari 290 MM Scaglietti Spider

This Ferrari automobile is the final of Ferrari’s four MM Scaglietti Spider models. This Ferrari is estimated to be worth between $22 and $28 million, making it another one of Ferrari’s most expensive production. 

4. 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4S NART Spider

The vehicle, one among the ten ever produced, has only ever had a single owner since it was brand new. This 1967 Spider was auctioned off in 2013 and was bought at a whopping $27.5 million. 

5. 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB-C Speciale

The 1964 GTB-C Speciale, which has an estimated value of $26.4 million, is one of the most expensive Ferrari car ever sold.

The Cheapest Ferrari Car

If seeing the prices of the expensive models gave you an idea of Ferrari’s exquisite nature, the cheap models would make you realize the stark contrast between the good and the bad. Ever wondered what’s the cheapest Ferrari car? Let’s dive in. 

1. Ferrari Mondial

Without a doubt, the Ferrari Mondial was not just one of the worst Ferraris ever made, but also one of the worst supercars. They are very inexpensive as a result, priced at $18,600 only. It’s a GT vehicle with four seats and a V8 in the middle. Therefore, it is the cheapest Ferrari car. 

2. Ferrari 400i

One of the cheapest Ferrari cars, but it is not necessarily their worst. In fact, the automobile has a luxurious interior and stylish bodywork. It was equipped with a V12 engine with 306 horsepower. 

3. Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

In many ways, Ferrari’s mid-engined sports car, which is built to try out new technology, was a game-changer for the organization known as the prancing horse. It costs around $34,600.

4. Ferrari 308

For its price range, the Ferrari 308 was a car that was produced from 1975 until 1985 and is considered quite beautiful. Compared to the staggering costs of most Ferrari cars, this is priced at only $41,300, making it one of the cheapest Ferrari cars. 

5. Ferrari 348

Priced at $50,500, the Ferrari 348 was actually one of Enzo’s final models, which is the first thing that raises this Ferrari a little bit. The 348 is not, under any circumstances, the best Ferrari though. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 


A few paragraphs are not enough to categorize the reign of Ferrari so easily. It won’t do the company any justice, and nor will it suffice to provide for Enzo Ferrari’s legacy. However, the historic importance of Ferrari is one that all must know and realize — the Ferrari first win in F1, the 1951 Ferrari F1 Car which is the Ferrari 375 F1 Silverstone, why José Froilán Gonzalez is the Ferrari Legend — these are all important aspects of the company’s history that changed its market trajectory. 

There’d a reason why people are keen to know what the most expensive Ferrari car is or what the cheapest Ferrari car is; the reason simply is the company’s everlasting influence on the masses and what it stands for luxury, opulence, and victory.

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