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Who Started Vrikshit Foundation? Story & Objective of Foundation

who started vrikshit foundation
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Have you heard of the Vrikshit Foundation, a growing Delhi-based NGO? We’ve come to inform you about it. Who started Vrikshit foundation? What is Vrikshit foundation? When did the Vrikshit foundation start? What is the objective of the Vrikshit foundation? The article goes into every detail concerning the foundation.

Who Started Vrikshit Foundation?

Image Source: Twitter Account @vrikshitfoundation

Shankar Singh, the founder of the Vrikshit Foundation, decided to move and take action in 2019 to address several environmental challenges in India as a consequence of poor waste management, plants also being eroding for business purposes, and pollution escalating by the second. 

Shankar Singh, the person who started Vrikshit foundation, accepted personal responsibility for cleaning up the mess that we, the humans and residents, had made in the first place. Vrikshit began by cleaning up little sections in his neighborhood, clearing trash and dirt. Then, with the help of local officials, we worked to maintain improved sanitation in these communities.

What Is Vrikshit Foundation?

Vrikshit is a non-profit organization that encourages people to become more aware of their inner selves. They have clean-up campaigns and plantations on their lists, however, they also visit slum areas to engage kids and promote awareness about the important things, with topics ranging from cleanliness to rape culture. They simply wish our generations to be accountable and respond to all of society’s ills.

Vounteers of Vrikshit Foundation Painting Wall
Volunteers of Vrikshit Foundation during Painting Drive Campaign
vrikshit foundation wall painting
Vrikshit Foundation Volunteers taking part in cleanliness drive
President of Vrikshit Foundation after successfully finishing cleanliness drive

When Did The Vrikshit Foundation Start?

Vrikshit Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2019, with the goal of making Delhi cleaner and healthier. Vrikshit Foundation is a Delhi-based non-profit organization that organizes cleaning drives, environmental conservation efforts, and public awareness campaigns. 

The ‘Vrikshit Foundation,’ which began with a group of five friends, is slowly becoming a household brand among climate activists. Since its inception in 2019, the foundation has expanded to 21 states and 30 cities, cleaning nearly 7 million kg of garbage.

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What Is The Objective Of The Vrikshit Foundation?

  • Their main goal is to make the environment more breathable and cleaner in order to promote sustainability and achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 3,13,14, and 15. 
  • Another significant goal is to raise a generation that is more environmentally conscious and responsible. They want to accomplish this by focusing on the ground level. They arrange clean-up efforts, campaigns, tree plantations, and wall murals, to be precise. 
  • They’re also forming partnerships with a variety of stakeholders to raise awareness about the plight of the poor, who are forced to live in filthy conditions. 
  • Among their major undertakings are the cleansing of the Yamuna Banks and the planting of 100,000 trees.

Vrikshit Foundation, which began with a group of five friends, is progressively becoming a household brand among climate activists. Since its inception in the year 2019, the organization has expanded to 14 Indian states. The Vrikshit foundation is motivated by a desire to make a lasting difference through micro-voluntary action.

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