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Who Is Kaal Bhairav And How To Worship Kaal Bhairav

who is Kaal Bhairav
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In Hinduism, Kaal Bhairav is extremely important. But, who is Kaal Bhairav? According to the tradition, Lord Shiva in this form vanquishes fear. He guards his followers against evils such as greed, rage, and desire. He exists beyond ‘time’ and ‘death.’ In this article, we will know the meaning of the name Kaal Bhairav, how to worship Kaal Bhairav, and what is the difference between Bhairav and Bhairavi?

Who Is Kaal Bhairav?

Kaal Bhairava was formed by Shiva to slay demons during a conflict between devas and asuras, according to the Puranas, and subsequently, Astanga Bhairavas were produced. The Ashta Bhairavas wedded Ashta Matrikas, who has a frightening appearance. These Ashta Bhairavas and Ashta Matrikas were used to make 64 Bhairavas and 64 Yoginis. According to another mythology, Kaal Bhairav was created as a result of Lord Shiva’s wrath.

The Meaning Of Name ‘Kaal Bhairav’

While the word “awful” and “fearful” may appear in the name, the true meaning is entirely different. It indicates he is the Lord who defends his worshippers from both exterior and internal adversaries like greed, desire, rage, and all other undesirable emotions.

Another meaning for the name “Bhairava” may be found here. The letters “Bha,” “Ra,” and “Va” stand for creation, preservation, and annihilation, respectively. As a result, Bhairava is seen to be the Ultimate Godhead, combining all of the Universe’s energies.

The Origin Of Kaal Bhairav

There was once a dispute between Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, according to the most common mythology, which is found in the Shiva Mahapurana. Vishnu inquired of Brahma as to who was the Supreme Creator of the Universe. Because he was continuously praised as the Creator, Brahma got a little egoistic. He also claimed that, like Shiva, he could achieve everything Shiva did since he had five heads. He then proceeded to tamper with Shiva’s work and began meddling with Shiva’s regular activities.

Shiva sat and watched for a long time, calmly observing everything. He eventually took a little nail from his finger and hurled it when he couldn’t bear it any longer. This nail took on the appearance of Kaala Bhairava. The apparition swooped down on Brahma and severed one of his heads. Bhairava is always depicted clutching Brahma’s skull in his hands.

Bhairava’s deed subdued and humbled Brahma, eliminating his ego and granting him immediate insight. He expressed his gratitude to Bhairava by prostrating in front of him and promising to work solely for the good of the Universe from now on. In the below section, we will understand what is the difference between Bhairav and Bhairavi.

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What Is The Difference Between Bhairav And Bhairavi

Lord Bhairava, also known as Bhairon, is Lord Shiva’s manifestation. Tantrics and yogis worship Lord Bhairav in order to attain numerous siddhis. Bhairon is revered as the kotwal and guardian. Lord Bhairava is the Lord of Rahu according to astrology, hence people worship him to get the most out of Rahu. Bhairava is Shiva in its most ferocious form. Worship to Lord Bhairon can help you win over your foes, achieve prosperity, and enjoy all of life’s material pleasures.

Devi Bhairavi is the goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction, and is the fifth Mahavidya. Bhairavi is a name that means “awful,” “horrible,” or “formidable.” Devi Bhairavi is a ferocious goddess whose name instills terror in all three realms. Patal Bhairavi is in charge of creation, which is thereafter followed by destruction. Tripura Bhairavi is another name for her, and it refers to three realms or lokas.

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Why Worship Kaal Bhairav?

Bhakts or followers believe that worshipping Bhairava will bring them fortune, success, and excellent offspring, as well as long life and relief from financial difficulties. He is seen as a remover of everything evil, such as desire and greed, as well as dread. He protects defenseless women who turn to him for rescue. At midnight, especially on Friday night, is the most fortunate moment to submit requests to this Lord.

How To Worship Kaal Bhairav?

There are a few methods on how to worship Kaal Bhairav. There are some Kalabhairava pooja maxims that we must observe. The puja will run for eight days. Raghukaal is the best time to worship Kalabhairava since this is when the Lord appeared in this form. Chanting the mantra 1,25,000 times is the most important aspect of kaal Bhairava puja. “Om Batuk Bhairvaye Namah” could be the main mantra. Dogs must be fed as part of Lord Kalbhairava’s pooja.

Following the completion of the puja, the puja is concluded according to specified rules. Rice, sweets, pulses, milk, oil, blankets, lentils, and kitchenware are among the commodities that devotees must offer. Though Kalbhairava looks to be a violent deity, he is a friendly god who is readily pleased with even the simplest of pujas.


Worshiping Kala Bhairava, the mythical master of time, will help you manage your time well and achieve success in your undertakings on time. He has the power to change your fate and turn your bad luck into good luck. According to scriptures, worshipping Kala Bhairava relieves debts, fear of death, and negative karma, and improves the financial situation.

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