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Who Is Patal Bhairavi? Know Her Story, Origin & How To Worship Devi Patal Bhairavi?

How To Worship Devi Patal Bhairavi
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Maa Patal Bhairavi is considered to be one of the many forms of Devi Shakti. Devi Patal Bhairavi is a ferocious goddess whose name instills terror in all three realms. But, many still ask who is Patal Bhairavi? In this article, we will know her origin and story and also, how to worship Devi Patal Bhairavi.

Who Is Patal Bhairavi?

Devi Bhairavi (also recognized as Patal Bhairavi) is the deity of creation, preservation, and destruction, and is the fifth Mahavidya. Bhairavi is a name that means “awful,” “horrible,” or “formidable.” 

Maa Bhairavi is in charge of creation, which is thereafter followed by destruction. Tripura Bhairavi is another name for her, and it refers to three realms or lokas.

She embodies Agni (Fire), Vidyut (Light), and Surya (Sun), and encompasses gods like Surya, Indra, and Agni. She is indeed the goddess of Kundalini, a divine kind of energy that flows from the base of the spine. That’s also why Devi Bhairavi’s devotion nearly always includes meditation to assist Kundalini to awaken.

Appearance Of Devi Patal Bhairavi

Goddess Bhairavi is frequently seen doing various sadhanas at a cremation yard. Her hair, unlike that of other deities, is untidy and strewn across her head. She dresses in scarlet and adorns herself with a skull garland, precisely like Goddess Kali.

Her one arm is extended, offering us a gift and instructing us not to be afraid. On the one arm, she wields a sword; on the other, she wields a headless body. Her skin is a dark-grayish red color, and she has blood smeared all over her body. She is seen with a thunderbolt and a trident along with other weapons.

Goddess Bhairavi is frequently shown sitting atop a headless body, a type of meditation known as Savasadhana. Her two hands are in the mudras of Abhaya and Varada. Her Vahan is a lion who demonstrates her might on the battlefield. She is shown either ecstatically or ferociously, with fangs.

She is a resident of the Patal Lok (the world beneath), hence also known as Patal Bhairavi. Devi Bhairavi is a mysterious goddess, calm and restrained, and meditating over a decapitated body demonstrates this. She has also been depicted as a blood-drinking deity with tiger skin as well as a skeleton in different incarnations.

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The Origin of Goddess Bhairavi

The goddess of devastation is also recognized as Kala Bhairavi since she is the wife of Kala Bhairava, Lord Shiva’s violent form. Goddess Kali is regarded as the most basic kind of energy (Adi Shakti). She is revered in ten various forms called Dasa Mahavidyas, with Bhairavi being the fifth. That is also why she resembles Goddess Kali in so many ways.

Devi Bhairavi exalts the highest ability to talk, which is aided by the fury of Tejas, the scorching fire.

How To Worship Devi Patal Bhairavi?

She is revered as a chakra wheel with 64 spokes. The worship of 10 mahavidyas results in an immediate blessing and the birth of a child. She assists her followers in finding peace from the grief and suffering caused by the death of family members and other traumatic situations.

All Ashtasiddhis are granted to the Saadhak (worshiper) who perfects the Bhairavi sadhana, culminating in spiritual advancement and mastery of all supernatural power and methods. She guards us against all negative influences.

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