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Get In Shape With Easy Breathing Exercises In Just 10 Days

breathing exercises
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Getting rid of your belly fat is a tough job, but it is not impossible. Many people would prefer to go to the gym, but the good news is that you can easily lose belly fat with simple breathing exercises. These exercises will also improve your metabolism and digestion, and provide your body with extra oxygen, which will help in burning the fat in your abdominal muscles, tone your body, and improve blood circulation. 

Top 3 Breathing Exercises For Belly Fat Loss

If you diligently do these exercises along with a proper diet, you can say goodbye to your belly fat in no time. Let us take a look at the top 3 breathing exercises for belly fat loss.

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1. Diaphragm Breathing

Diaphragmatic Breathing Part 1 of 3 - Intro to Diaphragmatic Breathing -  YouTube

This is one of the most promising breathing exercises for losing belly fat. It also makes your abdominal muscles flexible. Using your diaphragm while breathing increases the capacity of your lungs and this exercise also helps in toning your abs.

To perform this exercise, lie flat on the floor. You need to observe your chest and stomach moving up and down while you continue to breathe. Try breathing deeper each time. You can go for this exercise during any time of the day, but you must avoid doing this exercise after having a meal.

2. Shining The Skull Breathing

Skull Shining Breath (Kapalabhati) Dimensions & Drawings |

This breathing exercise helps in strengthening the abdomen muscles and also relieves respiratory problems.

You can perform this exercise by sitting in a comfortable position. Inhale deeply and keep holding the muscles of your stomach even when you exhale. Continue doing this 10 times and then you can go back to normal breathing for 5 seconds. You need to repeat this entire process three times.

3. Belly Breathing

How to Do Belly Breathing Like a Pro | Yuri Elkaim

Belly breathing focuses on your diaphragm and muscles below your lungs. This breathing exercise will not just help you lose your belly fat, but will also help boost your stamina, energy, and help in curing anxiety problems. This exercise is not limited to a particular time of the day. It can be practiced throughout the day.

You can perform this exercise in a sitting or standing position, whichever you are more comfortable with. Calm yourself and try not to think about anything. Place your hand on your stomach and your thumb near your belly button. Avoid the rising of your chest and make sure your abdomen is expanding during the exercise. 

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Final Words

You surely know now that these breathing exercises are not just limited to belly fat loss. They also help you in many other ways and get rid of respiratory problems as well. So, to get into your ideal shape, you can take the help of these exercises while you continue with healthy dietary habits and a little bit of exercise every now and then.

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