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Here Are The Most Popular And Easy eLearning Content Types

elearning content types
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There are many eLearning content types and you need to know about them. Learning about these eLearning content types might seem hard but on the contrary, it is really easy to learn and acquire. Writing eLearning content, however, does need thorough expertise on the subject matter. 

You have to know the demands of your audience and what and how you need to write to cater to their needs and wants. But, for figuring that out you will first need to know about different eLearning content types. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most popular and easy eLearning content types.

Popular eLearning Content Types

1. Dialogue Simulations

It is an eLearning content type that helps in simulating a real-world conversation with a customer or other third party. It is a great skill and is used for customer service, teaching, sales skills, and other training scenarios that would be needed for conversation between two parties. 

Simulation de dialogue - Kawalearn
2. Quizzes

Assessments, tests, and quizzes are all an essential part of eLearning courses. This is because quizzes help in tracking the learner’s knowledge and it makes sure that the objectives of the training are being met and the learner is sincerely following the course. Quizzes are also very interactive and fun and it keeps the learner engaged in different training modules and help you know the learner’s overall understanding of the concept and the learner is also able to keep a track of his or her growth.

The Significance Of eLearning In The Modern World - eLearning Industry
3. Training Videos

Video content on eLearning is more popular these days because it keeps the learner more engaged and invested in the course. It is a good way to understand and learn concepts instead of doing so by reading texts or watching pictures. Video content can be used for eLearning in many ways and they are:

  • Embedded videos
  • Webinar/ Live Training Playback
  • Standalone training videos
  • Video tutorials
  • Presenter screencasts
  • Software tutorials

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4. E-Books

This eLearning content type is widely used by many and it is often considered as a quick and easy way to share information like standard operations procedures, manuals for the employees, and other step-by-step processes. It provides the learners with a good reading experience.

The Chamber Of Ebook Hate: Why We Haven't Accepted Ebooks

If you already have tons of materials to share with the learners in Word or PDF format which are underutilized or not available for the learners, then this would be a great way to share these with them. 

5. Podcasts

The popularity of Podcasts has made it one of the mainstream forms of media and almost everyone knows about podcasts. These are used in many places already and these include various forms of businesses, organizations, etc and they use this as a convenient and easy tool for development and learning. The best thing about podcasts is, they are mobile and are available 24*7, so the learner can listen to them according to their time and convenience.

Best Podcast Gear: Microphones, Software, & Setup | IndieWire


All these eLearning content types are easy to learn and acquire. You can start with these as these are some of the most popular and easy ones.

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