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Gayle King Forbidden From The Party Of Oprah Winfrey

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Gayle King, the best pal of Megan Markle is said to have missed the party of Oprah Winfrey because she did not meet the four-step covid policy for the guests. Gayle King is very well known for being a good friend to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She has good relations with Oprah as well. The billionaire is also a business and media mogul. 

Oprah is very well known for throwing parties which each celebrity yearns to go to. She has mentioned that her party will be allowed to the people who have fulfilled the strict covid policy that she had designed during the pandemic.

Rules Set By Oprah Winfrey!

Oprah has mentioned that she requires all of her guests to be vaccinated before the big bash. They have to be boosted, tested, and quarantined as well before they attended her party in California. Each of these rules must be followed by the guest. 

Gayle had been unable to follow each of these rules to the core. The lengthy message which was later left by Oprah proved her intent in banning Gayle from the party. The event did not gather much controversy as Oprah, the controversy queen, had been sitting on the very top!

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Oprah Winfrey, An Enigma

Oprah Winfrey is one of the personalities who is known all over the world for having a strong presence on the media platform. She had been the one who had helped Megan Markle to come clean about the behavior that she had faced in the royal family of England. She is known for making sharp and controversial statements on the media platform. 

The information of Gayle King not being allowed to the party of Oprah Winfrey has spread like wildfire. We have to wait and see what the reaction of Megan Markle to this incident is.

Will This Be Sorted?

Knowing Oprah from a long time of media presence, it is quite sure that she will be able to sort this out within no time! Do you believe in the powers of Oprah Winfrey? We are eager to know in the comment sections!

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