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Sunny Leone Reveals About Relationship With Ex-boyfriend Russell Peters

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During a One Mic Stand Season 2, Sunny Leone revealed that she dated comedian Russell Peters for like a hot second which they claim totally messed up their friendship.

Quick Insights Into Their Dating History

A few years ago Sunny Leone used to date the comedian Russell Peters. They say that their friendship totally went for a toss and should have never got into a relationship. ‘we messed it up’. Claims the couple.

Sunny Leone states she and Russell Peters were close friends for a considerably long duration and their friendship became complicated post entering into a relationship. She adds that she dated Russell Peters, her stand-up comedian buddy several years ago, but the relationship only lasted for a short span of time, like a hot second only.

Sunny revealed this news during a One Mic Stand Season two and told comedians Sapan Verma and Neeti Palta about her relationship with Russell Peters and how it just lasted for about a hot second. 

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What Sunny Leo & Peter Has To Say About Their Hot Second Relationship

She claims they were great buddies for years and got into a relationship and totally messed it up. She says they should have never dated for at least today the friendship would have been intact. Neeti questioned Sunny Leone if she yet lingers in Peters jokes where Sunny states she has heard she is in a couple of his jokes. 

Russell in an interview stated Sunny Leone is a complete Sweetheart while talking about their relationship. He says it happened about five and a half years ago and she is a real sweetheart! 

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Sunny’s Views On Her Married Life

Now Sunny is happily married to Daniel Weber and blessed with three children. She has a six-year-old daughter and two twins. Her six-year-old daughter is Nisha and the twins are named Noah and Asher. She and her husband are happily married for over 10 years where the couple met at a club in Las Vegas and share a happy, healthy and strong marriage. They find ways to make the relationship work out and last well. 

Sunny Leone often shares videos, photos of her family on social networking sites especially Instagram, including her infamous pranks on Daniel. 

Sunny Shows Interest In Standup Comedy

Sunny Leone claims that she likes and appreciates stand-up comedy. It takes a whole effort to come up on stage, gather the attention of your audience and crack jokes to make everyone laugh. She states she has attended many stand-up comedy shows in India and abroad. 

This is all about Sunny’s with her Ex-boyfriend Russell Peters that just lasted for a hot second and how they totally messed it up!

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