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China Constructing Bridge In The Ladakh Border Causes Concern

china constructing bridge
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Satellite images have shown China constructing bridge on the side of Pangong Lake in Eastern Ladakh. This has been a very concerning event for the entire Indian forces at the border. The military standoff in the border area has been very concerning in the very end. 

The Chinese border of the Line of Actual Control near the Galwan valley region will be placed under severe surveillance by the Indian forces as well. The familiarity with the satellite technology has turned the eyes to this factor of defense in the borders. The buffer zone has been created in the Galwan valleys by both armies in India and China.

China Constructing Bridge In Pangong Lake

The Indian and Chinese troops have been focusing on China constructing bridge on the border of Eastern Ladakh. The troops had exchanged sweets on 1st January. This event had been celebrated in order to enjoy the feel of New Year in the borders. The events like these bring the warring sides to the same side. 

The Indian army has observed the satellite image which had been uploaded on Twitter as well. The North and South parts of the Pangong Lake can be joined with the help of this bridge constructed by the Chinese forces.

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Close Eye On Chinese Forces

The military groups have announced that they will be looking very closely into matters and the activities of the Chinese forces will be under surveillance. The Indian military groups are already keeping the Galwan valley under strict supervision in the end. They have made sure that the activities are checked out regularly.

The co-intelligence groups have informed that they are doing their best to bring the incident under control. It is to be seen whether the Indian forces are able to stop the war building on the Chinese borders.

What Might Happen Next?

Do you think that the event of China constructing a bridge on the side of Pangong Lake will have any kind of negative effect on the entire Indian defense scenario? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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