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What Is Agnipath Scheme – Everything You Need To Know About The Military Reform

what is Agnipath scheme
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The Indian government has brought a reform in the armed forces in the form of the “Agnipath scheme”. According to this scheme, all the three armed services, military, navy, and the air forces will appoint youth to serve the nation for a period of four years! The soldiers appointed will be known as “Agniveers” who will receive a handsome pay of ₹11.71 lakhs at the end of their service tenure, besides getting skilled in various fields. Below are the details about what is Agnipath scheme and the reasons why Agnipath Scheme is good and why Agnipath Scheme is bad.

What Is Agnipath Scheme? 

According to the newly launched scheme, approximately 40,000-50,000 Agniveers will be recruited annually into the military forces. While the majority 75% will be made to leave the military after serving the nation for four years, the remaining 25% will be retained for various posts for another 15 years permanently. 

The new system is only eligible for youths between 17.5 years to 23 years of age. Followed by their selection through rallies and other methods, they will undergo a training period of 6 months post which they will be appointed to serve the nation for three and a half years. 

After the successful completion of the four years tenure, all the soldiers will be entitled to a “Seva Nidhi” package with an impressive salary of ₹30, 000 which might scale up to ₹40, 000! Finally, at the end of their four-year term, they will receive a handsome amount of ₹11.71 lakhs! But, they will not be entitled to any pension or gratuity money. 

But, the new Agnipath scheme has faced severe backlash and criticism from the opponents and the general public. While others say that this scheme will reduce the unemployment rate to a huge extent, others are arguing over the fact that it might render the military weak in the longer run. So, let us quickly take a look at the possible pros and cons of the scheme while throwing light on what the government has to say about the brewing controversy! 

Why Agnipath Scheme Is Good? 

  1. With the launching of the new scheme, youngsters, desperately looking for a job will receive a handsome pay of ₹11.71 lakhs at the end of four years. This will reduce poverty in India to some extent. 
  1. The soldiers selected for the armed services, popularly known as the Agniveers will receive training in different fields which will help them in the long run to land their dream job.
  1. According to the words of Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, 25℅ of the Agniveers will be recruited permanently to serve at different armed forces positions. Thus, many people will get permanent jobs, which will decrease unemployment in our country. 
  1. Another most important reason why Agnipath scheme is good is that the Agniveers will enjoy priority when applying for state security forces. Additionally, they will also be entitled to join the Assam Rifles Or the CAPF. 
  1. Another important benefit of the Agnipath scheme is that it will diversify the profile of the armed forces. Now, the Armed Services will have both highly energetic youth and experienced officers to fight the enemies at war. 

Why Agnipath Scheme Is Bad? 

  1. Though the newly introduced Agnipath scheme will employ thousands of youth in the military, they will have to leave their jobs after four years. This might make them more depressed and sad in the long run, thus, reducing the potential of the Indian youth. 
  1. Another reason why Agnipath scheme is bad is that several protestors are arguing that with no jobs at hand after four years, these trained soldiers might turn into a potential danger to society. They might turn into anti-nationalists. 
  1. Others argued that this scheme might lead the military forces weak and reduce the effectiveness of the armed services. With a short military training of four years, they will not be trained efficiently and will thus lack the passion to serve the nation. This will ultimately weaken the Indian armed forces. 
  1. Another disadvantage to look for is the lack of motivation. With youngsters losing jobs after four years, they will soon find themselves demotivated to serve the Indian soil and will look for other job options, weakening the system of the armed forces. 
  1. With no benefit of pension and gratuity money, these trained professionals will be left with a mere ₹11.71 lakhs rupees at hand to survive their families which might jeopardize the Indian economy. 


Because of the ongoing protests on the pros and cons of the Agnipath scheme, the Indian government has issued a detailed clarification on what is Agnipath scheme and how it is going to be beneficial for the Indian economy!

While protesters and the opponents have demanded the abolition of such a scheme, the Government is firm in its decision! Let’s see whether the government will be taking back its scheme in the future or not.

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