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How To Add Years To Your Life – A Healthy Diet Plays A Great Role

How To Add Years To Your Life
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We can not deny the fact that consuming a diet rich in all the essential nutrients and leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy body and spirit. But, what if we say that one can increase their life span by just altering their unhealthy diet with a more wholesome and nutritious diet? Well, this article is dedicated to the topic “How To Add Years To Your Life?“. So, before wasting time any further, let’s dig deep into it.

How To Add Years To Your Life – What The Researchers Has To Say? 

A study published on How To Add Years To Your Life in the PLOS Medicine journal has claimed that altering one’s typical American diet to a more healthy and nutritious diet can increase the life expectancy by almost 13 years. 

Additionally, the study also reported that a diet that includes legumes and whole grains can add years to an individual’s life if they start incorporating these power-packed and healthy foods early in life. The report concluded that starting from the age of 20 years, women can add years to their life by about 10.3 years. On the contrary, men of the same age group can increase their lifespan by about 13 years. 

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Taking One Step At A Time 

Different people across the globe have different lifestyles. Thus, their journey to add years to their life is also different. While it is easier for many people to incorporate an optimized diet into their life, others might find it difficult. Especially, people who had always sustained on meat and other meat products. It is easy to overwhelm our body and mind by incorporating a purely optimized diet, but in the long run, this might pose more harm than good. Thus, one should look for a feasible diet in place of an optimized diet in the initial years. One can start with unprocessed food and then go with plant proteins in place of animal proteins.

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It is also worth noting that a person over 60 years can also successfully add years to their life. Women can add up to 8 years and men can add up to 9 years in their life. Though it is always suggested to start early in life to reap more benefits.

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Final Thoughts 

While it is important to incorporate healthy and unprocessed foods into one’s diet, it is also important to indulge in exercises and workouts to gain maximum benefits and work towards leading a holistic life. 

While starting early is the key, starting late is still better than doing nothing take baby steps at a time and add years to your life. We hope that this article on how to add years to your life will help you in making informed choices towards a more healthy lifestyle.

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