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Facts About Coronavirus: Causes, Deaths, Mortality & Countries Impacted

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People around the globe suffered a new virus outbreak from the year 2020. With economies crashing down to the sink and increasing deaths with each passing moment, it seems that the world has suddenly shattered to death. What is more heartbreaking is that though the pandemic is under control,  still the spread of the disease has not lessened. In this article, we will look at the facts about coronavirus.

The Novel Covid-19 Virus

facts about covid 19 | Trending reader

Covid-19 first identified in Wuhan, China is caused by a virus named SARS- COV- 2. It belongs to the same family as SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. With its high spreading capacity around the world and high mutation rate, it has caused terror in the minds of people worldwide.

The virus can be transmitted from one person to another through the transfer of respiratory droplets. Symptoms of Covid-19 include fever, chills, pain in joints, pneumonia, and breathing disorder. People with a weaker immune system are more prone to the contiguous and lethal disease 

Considerable Facts About Coronavirus 

This section aims to discuss the facts about coronavirus – its causes and number of deaths! 

1. Causes Of Coronavirus 

According to reports, the SARS-COV-2 virus is responsible for the covid-19 disease. The virus spreads easily among people, causing the pandemic. It has been reported that the virus transmits from a diseased individual to a healthy individual through the transmission of respiratory droplets when both individuals are in close vicinity of each other.

  • Sometimes, a person infected with coronavirus does not develop any symptoms. In such cases, if the covid-19 virus spreads from a diseased person to a healthy individual, it is known as asymptomatic transmission.
  • The Covid-19 virus mutates faster, resulting in the formation of variants. Few variants have been recognized till now such as Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omicron Variant.
  • The Delta Variant is reported to be the most contagious among other previously recognized variants. It can cause infection in an individual through close contact with Covid infected person through airborne transmission. 
  • On the contrary, The Omicron Variant spreads faster and causes more infection but the severity of the disease is lesser than the Delta Variant.
  • It must be remembered that people having diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems are more prone to the disease.

2. Duration Of Coronavirus 

In this section, we have compiled the facts about coronavirus and its duration in the patient’s body. 

  • In general, people recover from infection caused by SARS-COV-2 by two weeks. However, people with severe infections might need more than 6 weeks to recover from the same.
  • The incubation period, or the time period when the virus is present in our body, with no symptoms present, is known as the incubation period. During this time, people can transmit the infection to a healthy individual, but within 24 hours of developing the infection.
  • In case of asymptomatic infection, the virus may last in one’s body for about 10 days. Other severely infected individuals might need more than 1 month to recover. The figures vary from person to person and depend on the severity of the infection.

3. Covid-19 Mortality 

In 2020, 1,813,188 deaths were reported worldwide. But, recent studies conducted by WHO suggest mortality to be around 3,000,000.

4. Number Of Deaths 

The Covid 19 has caused an excess of death worldwide, meaning that the number of deaths has gone beyond expectations. Reports suggest that there are more deaths in the world due to covid-19 than we could ever count! 

  • According to 2020 surveys, the novel coronavirus has killed over 1.8 million people around the globe and caused an infection in over 82 million people worldwide. 
  • New reports according to the World Health Organisation suggest that more than 5.6 million people have died due to the pandemic.

5. Number of Countries Impacted 

With the Covid-19 infection first identified in China, Europe has become the hub of the Covid-19 outbreak. Other countries which are badly affected by the virus include India, Italy, Brazil, Germany, France, Russia, Spain, etc.

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History Of Viruses

Two hypotheses have been put forward about the origin of the virus

  1. The risk of exposure to an animal that was infected with the deadly virus
  2. The virus may have been artificially made in the laboratory.
  3. Other theories suggest that the virus might have developed from bats or have been synthesized in the lab to aid in biological warfare. Though, there is no evidence to prove these theories.
The Global Impact Of Coronavirus
facts about coronavirus | Trending Reader

On the health front, the Covid-19 outbreak has caused severe loss of human life all over the world. Across the globe, healthcare facilities have become highly costly, making them inaccessible for economically deprived sections of society. Food shortages have taken a toll on the health of individuals. Mental health issues like depression, stress, anxieties, and trauma are on their leak.

On the economic front, the coronavirus disease has caused the world economy to collapse. The GDP values are sinking day by day. Unemployment is on rising. People are losing their jobs every day. In such situations, supply is exceeding the demands, making the markets shatter even more. Shares in stock markets are experiencing huge downfalls.


This article, facts about coronavirus was dedicated to making people aware of the facts and latest news relating to the global pandemic. Hope this article will help you gain some knowledge on the Covid-19 virus.

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