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Include These To Your Diet – Spices For Effective Weight Loss

Spices For Effective Weight Loss
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If you are looking for effective weight loss, then this article is a must-read for you, especially if you want to lose those extra kilos in less time.


1.  Crash dieting is not the right thing for losing weight

2.  Growing awareness about fitness and a healthy lifestyle has encouraged many people to do physical activities and maintain a healthy diet

3. Even with an Indian diet, you can lose weight. Consume these five spices for effective weight loss.

The present-day life of anyone around is very fast-paced and sedentary. With the pandemic outbreak, many people gained weight considerably. Weight gain has always been one of the major concerns around the globe. Growing awareness about fitness and a healthy lifestyle has encouraged many people to do physical activities and maintain a healthy diet, as weight gain is the reason for many alarming health conditions. For the sake of effective weight loss, many people do crash dieting. This kind of eating habit might help one in losing weight but it is not considered healthy in any way. 

The other way for Indian people to maintain a good diet is to eat homemade and healthy food. Indian food is not the reason for weight gain, but the higher quantity of consumption is. Meanwhile, some spices help to lose weight you can include in your daily diet. These spices will not only help in adding flavor but will also eradicate any kind of bulging and tummy issues.

Top Five Spices For Effective Weight Loss 

1.  Cinnamon/ Dalchini
spices for weight loss

This is the most common spice that is used in Indian kitchens. This spice helps in losing weight quickly. It is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking a spoonful of Cinnamon with water will help in increasing the metabolic rate, thus helping in quick and effective weight loss.

2.  Fennel/ Saunf
spices for weight loss

Fennel is another spice for losing weight. This works as a natural pill and is known for suppressing hunger. One can also use this in tea. It is rich in Vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and D. Fennel tea is rich in many antioxidants that help in improving one’s metabolism. Better digestion always works for healthy weight loss.

3.  Fenugreek
spices for weight loss

Because of its natural fiber content, fenugreek helps in suppressing food cravings. Its fiber-rich content helps one to feel full and stops them from eating. It is also stated that Fenugreek helps decrease dietary fat and calorie intake. The fiber present in Fenugreek also helps in weight loss by promoting satiety.

4.  Cardamom
spices for weight loss

Cardamom helps in increasing the metabolic process as it consists of essential components such as melatonin which is very essential for increasing the metabolic rate. Cardamom is considered to be the best spice to control morbid obesity and overweight-related issues. 

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5.  Black Pepper
spices for weight loss

This spice helps in boosting the metabolism. If one is struggling to shed off the extra fat then they must add a little bit of black pepper to the diet. You can also add it to your green tea and consume it two to three times a day. Another way is to chew 3 to 4 black peppers in the morning with a glass of water. It consists of phytonutrients that contribute to the destruction of excess fat.


There is no need to go on a diet that is not providing you with enough nutrients. Small changes like adding these spices to your healthy diet will do wonders. All these spices that help to lose weight can be easily found in every Indian household and thus you will not be spending any extra money for consuming them. Always remember, a healthy diet and lifestyle is more important than losing weight in an unhealthy way.

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