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Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories: Everything You Need To Know About

Everything about Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories
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  • The launch of the first smart glasses by ray-ban in collaboration with Facebook
  • Facebook’s Ray-Ban offers amazing features and is available in several styles
  • The device has various privacy features.

Ray-Ban in collaboration with Facebook launched their first smart glasses with the hope of providing augmented-reality spectacles. These smart glasses allow their wearers to capture pictures and videos of up to 30 seconds and even upload them on Facebook with the help of an application known as the Facebook view app. Furthermore, users can listen to music and even take calls. These smart glasses are known as Ray-Ban Stories. Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories are available in 20 distinctive style combinations.

Features Of Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories 

  • Camera: The frame of the glasses has 2 front cameras of 5 MP. There is a button on the glasses that can be used to click pictures or make videos. If you want to operate the glasses hands-free, you just have to say “Hey Facebook, take a video.”
  • Speakers: The glasses include a set of micro-speakers and a capacitive touchpad. There is a three-microphone audio array that is responsible for transferring richer voices for videos and calls. It also has built-in open-ear speakers.
  • Battery: These glasses come with a portable case that is specially designed to both protect and charge the device. A fully charged case can offer a 3-day battery life.
  • Style: These glasses are available in 20 different styles. These include round, wayfarer, meteor, etc. They are available in five colors with multiple lens options such as transition, clear, sun, etc.
  • Sharing: Sharing the captured content on social media is easy. All you have to do is to download the Facebook view app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Through this app, you can easily import, edit and share the content to apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What About Our Privacy?

As it has a camera, it might take pictures and videos anytime and can capture anyone in it. Here you may doubt the privacy, but every time you take a picture or shoot a video using Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories, an LED light will glow that will let others know that you are using the camera. 

Apart from this, the device collects some data such as the battery, the email-id, password, connectivity to Wi-Fi, and many others. There are other additional data that you can choose to share with Facebook, which will be used for product improvement and development. You can easily change the settings and opt-out of sharing those data.

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How Can You Buy Ray-Ban Stories? 

The device offers multiple benefits and incredible features. It costs $299 and has several functions that have been designed keeping in mind the privacy of the user and other people. If you’d love to have such technology, Facebook’s Ray-Ban stories can be a good choice for you.

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