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How Shiva Killed Kamdev?

How shiva killed Kamadev
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Kamdev was created from Brahma’s intellect, according to the Shiva Purana. He was the child of Lakshmi, according to another tale. This article will uncover many questions such as who is Kamadev & Rati? What is the story of Kamdev and Shiva? How Shiva killed Kamdev and why did Goddess Rati fall in love with Kamdev.

Who Was Kamdev?

Kamdev is a deity of human passion and love who is said to arouse human carnal urges. The Kama is derived from the Sanskrit word kama, which means sensual desire, and Deva is derived from the Sanskrit word deva, which signifies heavenly being. He is revered as the celestial deity of love, evoking passion and love in those who are struck by His cosmic arrow. He is characterized as a lovely winged lad with greenish skin who wields a bow and carries an arrow quiver on his back. 

Appearance Of Kamdev

His bow is fashioned of sugar cane, and the string is a honey beeline. His arrows are made of five different kinds of flowers, he mounts a green parrot, and he’s joined by his wife Rati (sexual desire), Vasant (springtime personified), and soft wind.

What Is The Story Of Kamdev And Shiva?

Kamdev is the Indian form of Cupid ( Greek god of love, attraction, and desire ). He is not only physically appealing and beautiful, but he may also elicit powerful sentiments of affection, attraction to the other sex, and a desire for reciprocal bonding.

Using these abilities, he was able to disrupt Lord Shiva’s powerful dhyan samadhi (concentration) and make him feel drawn to Devi Pravati, resulting in the birth of Lord Kartikeya.

Even though he did so for the betterment of the world because a devil named tarakasur (surapadman) had been cursed to be killed only by the son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati, and it was necessary to destroy that demon to save the universe from the jaws of death, this incident is sufficient proof of Kamdev’s divine powers of attraction and love.

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Why And How Shiva Killed Kamdev?

Kamdev attacking shiva who is in deep meditation with the arrow of lust and desires

Parvati approached Shiva in profound concentration but was unable to attract his attention, according to popular belief. The virtuous Kings, on the other hand, were secretly hoping to bring Shiva’s son to Earth so that they might battle and vanquish the evil Kings. “If not the Mahadev, who is constantly absorbed in profound meditation, let us at least have his son!” said the rationale.

In order to flood Shiva’s heart with desire for Parvati, they planned a plot and told Kamadev (god of desire) to conceal behind a tree when Parvati approaches Shiva again! 

How Shiva Killed Kamdev?

As Parvati approached Shiva, Kamadev fired a desire arrow, which Mahadev deflected with his third eye. In the process, Kamadev dies, and Shiva, the Lord of Shamshan Bhoomi, places ashes on his forearms.

Parvati, on the other hand, is claimed to have approached Shiva alone, according to those who follow an “inner path” or practice Yoga. When Shiva saw the lovely, youthful, and attractive woman, Kama (desire) surged inside him, which he efficiently extinguished by opening his third eye. As a result of this, ash began to sprout from his own flesh, and we get depictions of Shiva covered in cremation ashes—someone who has murdered the qualities of a human being which make him feel incomplete. That’s all how Shiva killed Kamadev?

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Why Did Goddess Rati Fall In Love With Kamdev?

Anyone who can use his cupid abilities to shatter the samadhi of one of the finest yogis, Lord Shiva, may do the same to anyone else. So, by now, you’ve figured out why did Goddess Rati fall in love with Kamadev. It wasn’t just Kamdev’s physical appearance that drew Rati to him; his powers of provoking love and attraction also played a role.

Rati, Kamdev’s consort, was the Goddess of Love, and she couldn’t help but weep when she learned of her husband’s death. Lord Shiva’s rage subsided after Rati begged and pleaded that Lord Shiva bring back her spouse, and Lord Kamdev was resurrected.

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Are Rati And Kamdev Worshiped Now?

They most definitely are! Hindus who want health, beauty, spouses, and/or kids, or relief from unpleasant romantic/sexual yearning, frequently worship them in religious rites. For this, there are the Kama Gayatri and Kama Bija Mantras. Holi is their most important holiday. They’re also often summoned in Hindu wedding rituals. The Ashoka tree, a sacred tree that is still revered today, is devoted to Kamdev and is seen as a sign of love. 

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