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Hanuman Ji Birth: True Story of The Birth Of Bajrang Bali

Hanuman Ji Birth
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Pawanputra Hanuman, the son of Kesari and Anjana, was born in this way. He was renowned for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. Hanuman had gained the heart of Lord Rama and his family through his selfless service and devotion, and he could not think of anything else than their comfort and well-being. Other than Lord Hanuman’s dedication towards Lord Rama, the story of ​​Hanuman ji birth is also very interesting. In this article we will discuss the story of Hanuman Ji Bith, a few misconceptions such as what is the birth story of Lord Hanuman, Is Hanuman an incarnation of Lord Shiva, etc. 

What Is The Birth Story Of Lord Hanuman?

Once upon a time, there was a renowned sage named Gautam who lived in the Meru highlands. Kesari and Anjana, a monkey pair, resided near the ashram. Anjana was once a beautiful heavenly girl who was cursed and turned into a monkey. She could only be liberated from the curse if she gave birth to a Lord Shiva avatar.

The Story Of Hanuman Ji Birth

Anjana was cursed because she once spotted a monkey meditating profoundly in a jungle while traveling on earth. She witnessed the monkey behaving like a holy sage at the time. She couldn’t stop herself from laughing. She made fun of the monkey, but the monkey didn’t seem to mind. She not only continued to laugh, but she also flung stones at the holy monkey, which she did until the holy monkey lost patience. He revealed himself to be a strong holy guru who had turned into a monkey to practice his spiritual meditation when he opened his angry eyes.

He cursed her, saying, “She accomplished a wicked job of disrupting a sage’s concentration and therefore was cursed to take the appearance of a monkey, and that she will be free of the curse if only she gives birth to a strong son, an incarnation of Shiva.” The main cause of Hanuman ji birth was this curse.

Anjana, A Proud Mother

Anjana’s focused meditation and prayer to Shiva, which she did without food or water, yielded immediate benefits. Lord Shiva was so moved by her prayers that he intended to gift her with an immortal son.

King Dasaratha of Ayodhya, on the other hand, was performing a holy Ashvamedha Yagna to conceive children and was blessed by Lord Agni with a divine sweet to be split among his three wives. And Vayu, the Wind God, brought a part of the sweet, presented it to Anjana, and blessed her, as instructed by Lord Shiva. Anjana quickly consumed the beautiful sweet and immediately felt Shiva’s benediction. Vayu promised her that she would soon be the mother of a kid who would be intelligent, courageous, incredibly strong, quick, and able to fly. Her delight had no bounds, and she was overwhelmed by it.

The Naughty Kid Hanuman

Anjana soon gave birth to a monkey-faced kid, whom they called Anjaneya (which means ‘son of Anjana’). Anjana was free of her curse in no time and desired to return to paradise after Hanuman Ji birth. Anjaneya was raised by Hanuman’s father and grew up to be a powerful yet naughty little lad.

Anjaneya ultimately burned his lips and Lord Indra hurt his jaw when he mistook the sun for delicious fruit and soared up into the sky to devour it.

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Hanuman And His Powers

  • No weapon could ever harm Hanuman, according to Brahma, and he would be able to alter his shape at will and travel anywhere he pleased. 
  • The Vajra would no longer harm the boy, and his body would be stronger than the weapon, due to Indra’s blessing. 
  • Varuna, the ocean deity, granted him protection from the elements.
  • He was granted fire immunity by Agni, the god of fire. 
  • The sun deity Surya bestowed upon him the ability to modify the size of his body. 
  • Yama bestowed upon him immortality and fair health. 
  • Vishwakarma, the almighty architect, promised Hanuman that he would be secure from all of his creation’s items.

Is Hanuman An Incarnation of Lord Shiva?

Hanuman is a manifestation of Lord Shiva, according to the Shiva Purana. Lord Shiva bestowed upon Hanuman’s mother Anjana the gift that his 11th Rudra form (Lord Shiva has eleven fragmentary incarnations known as “Rudras”) will be born as her son to assist Lord Rama’s purposes.

The birth of Hanuman as a result of Lord Shiva’s gift to Anjana or the answer to Is Hanuman an incarnation of Lord Shiva is described in Chapter 20 of the Shiva Purana’s Satarudriya Samhita.

According to the text, Lord Shiva got aroused by seeing Mohini (Lord Vishnu’s enchantress form), and his sperm dropped to the ground. The divine semen was conveyed by the seven heavenly sages (Saptarshis) and put atop a tree leaf. Lord Shiva’s sperm was spilled into Anjana’s ear by Saptarshis. Later, the semen was transferred to Anjana’s womb, and Hanuman was born to fulfill Lord Rama’s cause.

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With all these boons, Hanuman became a great warrior. Anjaneya has been called by many names such as Hanuman, Maruti (Vayu’s other name), Pawanputra, and so on. He played an important role in Ramayana and was a great devotee of Lord Rama and Sita Devi.

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