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Goddess Chandraghanta Story, Appearance And Why Is Maa Chandraghanta Worshipped On Third Day Of Navratri?

goddess Chandraghanta story
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The nine days long festival of Navratri worships and celebrates the nine different incarnations of Devi Durga with utmost dedication and respect. Following the worship of Maa Shailputri and Maa Brahmacharini on the first and second days of Navratri, the third day of Navratri is dedicated to the worship of Maa Chandraghanta. But, who is Chandraghanta Devi? Also known as Devi Rannchandi, Devi Chandraghanta is the married form of Goddess Parvati – the female counterpart of Mahadev. Wondering what is the appearance of Chandraghanta Devi? Why is Maa Chandraghanta worshipped on third day of Navratri? Read here to know more about the goddess Chandraghanta story. 

Goddess Chandraghanta – Third Day Of Navratri

Goddess Chandraghanta

Who Is Chandraghanta Devi? 

 The third manifestation of Adishakti, who is Chandraghanta Devi, is worshipped by the Hindu devotees on the third day of Navratri. This third incarnation of Mata Parvati is adorned with a crescent moon on her forehead – thus the name Chandraghanta. 

With ten hands and three eyes, Maa Chandraghanta symbolises fearlessness and courage! Hindus believe that the sound of the bell on her forehead drives away all the negativities from the lives of her devotees. This year, Maa Chandraghanta Devi puja falls on 28 September, 2022, Wednesday. 

Appearance Of Chandraghanta Devi 

The ruler of Manipura Chakra, Chandraghanta Devi, is the married form of Devi Parvati. She is the female counterpart of Lord Shiva. The serene beauty of Chandraghanta Devi calms and soothes the souls of her devotees. The appearance of Chandraghanta Devi symbolises courage and valour. The vahana of Maa Chandraghanta Devi is a tigress. 

The appearance of Chandraghanta Devi is adorned in a red and golden saree with a moon on her forehead. The ten-armed Goddess carries different weapons on different arms that symbolise the weapons of war! She carries Trishul, Gada, sword, and Kamandal on her left palm and her right palm holds a lotus flower, arrow, Dhanush, and Japa Mala. The last two hands are free of weapons and kept in the form of Varada Mudra and Abhaya Mudra which symbolise the blessings given by Maa Chandraghanta. 

appearance of Chandraghanta

Wondering, what is the goddess Chandraghanta Story? Why did Mata Parvati reincarnate herself in the form of Maa Chandraghanta and why is Maa Chandraghanta worshipped on third day of Navratri? Read here.

Goddess Chandraghanta Story 

As the mythology goes and goddess Chandraghanta Story, Devi Parvati fell in love with Mahadev and approached the Almighty to accept her as his wife. But, Mahadev didn’t agree at first. So, Devi Parvati decided to perform penance and meditation to please Mahadev. 

Seeing her love and dedication to him, Mahadev approached Devi Parvati and asked her to be his wife. Thus, when Mahadev reached the palace of Himavat, father of Parvati Mata, accompanied by ghosts and sages, Menavati, her mother, fainted seeing his ghastly personality of Mahadev. 

Soon, Devi Parvati manifested herself in the form of Devi Chandraghanta and prayed to Lord Mahadev to return to his original calming form. Soon, both tied the sacred knot with each other and headed towards Kailash – the heavenly abode of Mahadev. 

Why Is Maa Chandraghanta Worshipped On Third Day Of Navratri? 

Maa Chandraghanta symbolises serenity and justice. Devotees believe that worshipping Mata Chandraghanta on the third day of Navratri removes all the sufferings and pains from the lives of devotees. 

By worshipping the third incarnation of Adishakti, the devotees are blessed with courage and valour to move forward in life, breaking all the hindrances that keep them from being successful. This is the reason why is Maa Chandraghanta worshipped on third day of Navratri.


On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, Chandraghanta Devi is offered with kheer as prasad. According to Drik Panchang, the Brahma Muhurta begins at 04:36 am and concludes at 05:24 am on this day. The Vijaya Muhurta will last from 02:11 pm to 02:59 pm.

Additionally, the Amrit Kaal will stay from 09:12 pm to 10:47 pm and Ravi Yoga on 29th September will last from 05:52 am to 06:13 am. May Mata Chandraghanta bless us with the courage to move forward in our lives with confidence! 

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