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Tushar Gandhi hits out On Kangana Ranaut About Her freedom Comment

Tushar gandhi on kangana
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Just like always, India has broken into two different segments after the comments made by Kangana Ranaut. The great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi hits out on Kangana for speaking words against the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Kangana Ranaut has recently made a comment that the independence of India which was allegedly won in the year 1947 was mostly due to the begging done by Mahatma Gandhi to the British. Along with this, she has also made some derogatory comments about the nation’s struggle for freedom in the previous century. She has also mentioned the words about choosing one’s leaders wisely in relation to Mahatma Gandhi.

Tushar Gandhi Hits out on Kangana Ranaut

Tushar Gandhi hits out on Kangana Ranaut by stating that turning the other cheek in the battle of freedom was more significant than the works done by the other leaders of the time. He has mentioned that Gandhi was the one who had taught that freedom could be won with the help of non-violent measures. He has also stated that turning the other cheek in return for freedom is something more than what the Gandhi haters can muster in their entire lifetime. It is impossible for them to fathom the depths of struggle which have been taken up by the leaders of the Indian struggle. Hence, people like Kangana Ranaut often make such sleazy comments for publicity according to Tushar Gandhi.

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Contribution Of Mahatma Gandhi

Bapu will never be labelled as one of the leaders who have never done anything for the nation. He had never minded begging when it came to the goodness of his own people. He had been dismissed as the half-naked fakir by the British government but it could not stop him from getting to his goal of getting India freedom. Even when he was shot dead by Nathuram Godse, he will always be remembered as someone who had an immense role to play in the final shift of power in India.

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Do you agree with the way in which Tushar Gandhi hits on Kangana Ranaut? Do you think that she deserved it? Let us know in the comment section given below!

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