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What Happened On Good Friday? Know History & Why It Is Called Good Friday?

What happened on Good Friday
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Good Friday is a Christian festival commemorating Jesus’ crucifixion and death at Calvary. It occurs on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, as part of the Paschal Triduum, and may overlap with the Jewish festival of Passover. This article will answer many questions such as what happened on Good Friday, Good Friday history, what happened to Jesus on Good Friday, why it is called Good Friday, and how to celebrate Good Friday?

Holy Friday, Great Friday, and Black Friday are all names for the same day. Fasting and church services are observed by members of various Christian faiths, including the Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and Reformed traditions.

How To Celebrate Good Friday?

On the Friday before Easter Sunday, many people throughout the world commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. This is a religious practice in which people fast and pray. To commemorate the hours that Jesus hung on the cross, many church events are held in the afternoon, generally around 12 or midday to 3 pm. Many churches commemorate the day by reenacting the procession of the crucifixion, as shown in the Stations of the Cross rite, which commemorates Jesus’ last hours. Many countries, including India, the Philippines, Italy, Malta, and Spain, hold processions.

On Good Friday, Bermudans fly kites, many of which are handcrafted, to commemorate Jesus’ death on the cross and his ascension into heaven. This tradition stems from the nineteenth century. 

On Good Friday, churches in nations like Belgium and Mexico are covered in black in honor of Jesus’ suffering on the cross. The day is solemn, and many cities and villages have a general sense of melancholy. In Poland, many Christians fast on roasted potatoes & dry bread. In Poland and many other countries, egg decoration is a part of the Easter preparations.

What Happened On Good Friday?

It derives from a tale about a Jewish preacher who traveled to Jerusalem around 2000 years ago on the Jewish holiday of Passover (the history of Passover is another story) and upended the status quo. For his troubles, he was sentenced to death. Because Friday was the day of execution across the Roman empire (of which Judea was a part at the time), he was crucified on a Friday, as was customary in the area at the time.

A Roman Jew from modern-day Turkey claimed to have received a visitation from him on his route to Damascus some decades later (in Syria). He changed his name, quit his work as a Roman Empire tax collector, and formed a church. The preacher was divine, the long-awaited messiah, and was revived after 3 days, so they held a commemoration ceremony every year to commemorate the event.

Why Is Good Friday Called ‘Good Friday’?

The word “good” isn’t used to characterize an activity as being “good” or desirable in any way. When the word Good Friday is used, it should be assumed that it refers to either the term Holy or Pious Friday.

As Peggy points out, Jesus’ Crucifixion started the process of Christians acknowledging the Divine characteristics attributed to the Son of God, or at the very least his manifestation on Earth. After this typical Roman punishment, few people were known to resurrect from the dead.

Two thousand years ago, the Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross for the sins of the whole human race. Good Friday is so named because, despite his suffering, the end outcome was harmonization between us and him. It is a day commemorating Jesus’ death for non-Christians. It is a day when Christians celebrate God’s triumph over death and sin by permitting himself to be murdered. That is why it is known as Good Friday. Though it was not a “pleasant” moment for Jesus and his disciples on that particular day, it was ultimately for the collective good in fulfilling Old Testament prophecies and redeeming humanity from torment.

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What Happened To Jesus On Good Friday?

After a sequence of testing and interrogations by Jewish and Roman officials, Jesus was condemned to death by crucifixion, a standard Roman penalty, on the first Good Friday. What happened on Good Friday was the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate was aware of Jesus’ innocence and offered the multitude the option of freeing Jesus or Barabbas, a murderer; the crowd picked Barabbas. Pilate washed his hands ceremonially to demonstrate his innocence in Jesus’ execution.

He had Jesus flogged — a cruel punishment that often resulted in death for those who received it – and led him out to be crucified. According to tradition, Jesus had to bring his own cross to the scene of death — most likely merely the horizontal beam. He collapsed beneath the weight of the burden, exhausted and in agony, and the Romans ordered a passerby, Simon of Cyrene, to carry it for him.

Jesus was crucified among two robbers, one of whom cursed him and the other of whom said to him, “Jesus, remember me when you return into your kingdom.” “This is the King of the Jews,” read a placard above his head.

He died after only six hours of agony, a small period in comparison to the days that victims might suffer. To expedite their job before the Sabbath began, the authorities shattered the legs of the two robbers. A soldier stabbed Jesus in the heart to ensure that he was dead. This is what was what happened to Jesus on Good Friday.

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As a result, Virtue Friday is remembered as the day when good triumphed over evil and love triumphed over hatred. It was on this day that Jesus Christ, by dying on the cross, defeated death for all time. As a result, it is not a day of sadness, but rather a day of hope and gladness for all humanity.

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