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Apple M2 Chip – Check Out Its Features, Battery Life & RAM

apple M2 chip
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With the launch of the Apple M1 chip in 2020, Apple began employing its own desktop processors in portions of its Mac line, as seen in the 24in iMac, 13in MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Air. Since then, the M1 Max and M1 Pro debuted with the 14in MacBook Pro & 16in MacBook Pro models in October 2021, and the M1 Ultra, which debuted with the new Mac Studio in March 2022, have appeared. The second generation of Apple silicon is now the subject of rumors. We’ve included all of the latest information and opinions on the Apple M2 chip system and its various variations.

Apple M2 Chip Release Date

MacBooks with Apple M2 chip

The M2 processor has no specific release date or even confirmed information from Apple. But, as seen by the yearly iteration of the A-series semiconductors that have powered the iPhone for several years, Apple isn’t a firm that rests on its laurels.

The majority of rumors surrounding the M2’s likely release date have been tied to the next generation of the MacBook Air, while there has been speculation of an M2 MacBook Pro since the start of 2022. In November 2020, the MacBook Air and Pro were among the first to transition to the M-series. According to rumors, Apple’s next-generation silicon will be available in the 2022 MacBook Air and 2022 MacBook Pro.

Apple M2 Features

The M1 Pro and M1 Max processors (or SoCs, to be more precise) focused on performance improvements, with the M1 Pro being about twice as fast as the M1 in graphics workloads, and the M1 Max being even faster. Then, in March 2022, the M1 Ultra appeared, with double the capacity of the M1 Max.

If you work in video or graphic design and require the quickest performance from a Mac, these additional CPU cores and GPU cores are ideal. As a result, it’s expected that the M2 processor series will be geared at consumers rather than professionals when it launches, with an emphasis on energy-saving and overall performance improvements over the M1 it will replace. Then, based on the M2 processor, Apple will release the Pro, Max, and Ultra models.

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Apple M2 Chip – RAM & Life of the battery

There will undoubtedly be many who wish for the M2 to support more RAM than the M1 presently does. The M2 is unlikely to accommodate 32GB RAM, and it is probably superfluous for such a Mac. However, we’d like to see the cost of the 16GB RAM upgrade drop.

We expect the M2 will outperform the M1 in terms of battery life and power efficiency, as with every incremental improvement.


It’s worth noting that the M2 won’t be able to compete with the current M1 Pro processor, which has a massive 16 GPU cores. The performance of the M2 processor is geared for casual users instead of experts.

Of course, Apple has yet to confirm any of these details, so it’s best to remain skeptical until Apple makes a public announcement. That should happen next week, hopefully.

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