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Goddess Kushmanda Story – Why Is Maa Kushmanda Worshipped On Fourth Day Of Navratri?

Goddess Kushmanda Story
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Devi Kushmanda is said to be the fourth incarnation of Mahadevi. And thus worshipped on the fourth day of Navratri, during the nine nights of Nav Durga Devi. Maa Kushmanda is believed to bless her followers with good health and strength. What is the goddess Kushmanda story? There are exciting stories behind the appearance of Kushmanda. So let’s dive right in to enlighten yourself about who is Kushmanda Devi, why is Maa Kushmanda worshipped on fourth day of Navratri along with the significance and appearance of Kushmanda.

Who Is Kushmanda Devi?

Kushmanda Devi is referred to as the Janani of Brahmand or the creator of the world. According to the legends, the fourth incarnation of Mahadevi, who is Kushmanda Devi, created the world sustainable for living, with just a smile. Her name, if studied deeply, means ‘Ku’ which is ‘a little’, ‘ushma’ means ‘heat’ or ‘energy’ and ‘anda’ refers here to the ‘cosmic egg’.

Appearance Of Kushmanda Devi

The appearance of Kushmanda Devi is reflected in the legends or idols as a holy woman with eight hands. In each hand, she holds her weapons which are namely, a sword, trident, discus, mace, hook, bow, arrow, and two jars that contain elixir and blood in either one. The hand blessing her devotees is kept in an abhayamudra. Her holy ride is a lion, supposedly.

Appearance Of Kushmanda Devi

Goddess Kushmanda Story

According to the legend or goddess Kushmanda story, the world was a dark void in the beginning. Then, there was a flood of blinding light filling all the nook and crannies. This light or source of energy is what is Devi Kushmanda. It is supposed that light had slowly taken the human form of Devi Kushmanda. 

Interestingly, Devi Kushmanda was the one to produce this blinding light from the cosmic egg with just one smile. Isn’t that awe-inspiring? Later on, she took it to herself to sustain the lifeforms and situated herself in the core of the sun. 

Thus, it is believed that Lord Surya’s light and energy, which helps the lifeforms to grow and prosper under his blessing, will fade if Devi Kushmanda leaves the core. It will eventually fade and vanish. 

Legends also say that after creating the light of life, Devi Kushmanda created three major sources of distributed energies or supreme goddesses which came to be known as Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. These three, in turn, gave birth to the Gods- Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Shakti, and Saraswati.

Why Is Maa Kushmanda Worshipped On Fourth Day Of Navratri?

The reason why is Maa Kushmanda worshipped on fourth day of Navratri, by the Hindus, is to receive blessings for long and healthy lives from her. She is believed to bestow power, prosperity, and happiness. 

Goddess Kushmanda

Her believers also say that she is the one who takes away all their troubles and hardships and grants them a peaceful life. Praying to her brings good fortune to people’s lives.


After learning the goddess Kushmanda story, to receive her blessings and have good fortune, people offer her red flowers since it’s her favourite flower. Apart from that, she is also offered coconut, sweets, milk, fresh fruits, and sindoor. 

She is also worshipped with dhoop ignited in the holy chamber in temples. To worshipers as well as others, may the goddess bless you in this holy month of Navratri.

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